How do I learn my Basal Metabolic Rate?

What is it, and why should I care?

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The scale uses quick, painless electrical Bio-impedance and you get a complete, accurate print out that includes:

  • Your own Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Body fat percentage and desired range for your age/gender
  • Total body water
  • BMI
  • Additional information about your body composition

The test takes about 10 seconds and is extremely accurate The results are confidential and only for your own personal use.

All participants will be given educational information regarding result interpretation.

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. Calories are the fuel or energy that is needed to run the machine that is your body. This fuel comes from the food and liquids that you take in every day and it is burnt off in everything you do from breathing to talking to running. Some types of fuel help bodies run more efficiently than others. Few marathon runners would eat a double cheeseburger and fries right before a race, if they want to finish. Think of your metabolism as your calorie furnace. It can be a raging fire in need of more and more energy or a little flame that barely burns the amount of calories you take in. There are ways to help stoke your calorie furnace, and burn more energy, but a good first step is to first know what general level of energy (calories) you need daily. See the other attachment for details of when and how to get this done at Horton.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate at which your body is burning calories. On a daily basis your BMR is mainly controlled by several factors below:

Weight – Most of all, your basal metabolic rate is based on your mass, (your weight). Generally a 300 pound person burns more calories doing the same activity as a 100 pound person would. This is simply because it takes more energy to move the larger person’s mass around. Just like it takes more fuel to move a semi truck than it does a compact car, it takes more daily fuel to move an offensive lineman than an equestrian jockey.

Age – This is another major factor in your basal metabolic rate. We all feel this, you just don’t seem to be able to maintain your weight or lose weight like you used to when you were younger. This is because as you age, your calorie furnace begins to naturally slow down. Eating like a teenager is for teenagers.

Gender – In general, men burn calories at a faster rate than women do, in part due to men being generally bigger. Pregnant women need and burn more calories, and nursing mother’s need even more calories.

Metabolism Factors Continued
Total body fat and total body water affect your metabolic rate. Muscle burns more calories than fat when at rest. Put another way, your calorie furnace burns faster and higher all the time, the more muscle you have. Also associated with body fat is your total body water. In general the more fat a person has, the less water they have and vice versa. Staying hydrated can affect your metabolism in a number of positive ways including your body’s ability to process foods and burn the calories you take in efficiently. The extra walks to the rest room in a given day help burn more calories too.

Physical activity is the wild card in metabolism.What you do in a given day can wildly affect the number of calories you burn. Some endurance athletes burn 5,000 or more calories in one day of exercise, other people who barely move in a given day, may burn less than 1,000 calories that day.

Your thyroid gland – This gland regulates your metabolism and can be under-active or overactive leading to many medical complications and a higher or lower than normal metabolism. This can be a difficult area to control in people with thyroid disease. Proper medical management with a physician can help to better regulate the thyroid and stabilize metabolism. Thyroid disease can be screened for in a simple blood test.
*More information on thyroid disease will be sent out later this month.

2,000 calories a day? This is the general guideline for how many calories people need to intake in a given day. This estimate does not apply to everyone and is based on an average. The reality is you may need far more or far less on a daily basis. You can stoke your calorie furnace with a few tricks to make your body burn more calories faster.

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