Upcoming Event: Economic Outlook: 2018 and Beyond (Chausovsky)

Alex Chausovsky

October 2018 Event - Economy

What do the leading indicators tell us about what’s to come?

As businesses look to start the budgeting process for next year, deciding on who to hire, what equipment to purchase, etc., are all impacted by questions about the future of the U.S. and global economies. Volatility has returned to the stock market, unemployment is down but wages remain stagnant, and there is continued discussion about the speed at which the Fed will increase interest rates.


Hear what the experts have to say

Hear what the experts have to say.

Economic Business opportunities for an aging population

Herb Meyer discusses the opportunity in an aging population (1:57)

Economic Business opportunities for an aging population

Over the past 30 years, the population over 60 has doubled with no immediate decline insight. As a significant portion of our population is getting older, what are the unforeseen business opportunities lying ahead?

Financial Video - Uncertainity in the Economy

Dr. Jeffrey Dietrich - Recovering from uncertainty (2:18)

Recovering from Uncertainty

Watch Horton Future Forum speaker Dr. Jeffrey Dietrich from ITR Economics outlines the money sitting on the sidelines, the attitude towards risk taking, and the opportunity to that exists for businesses given the capital available today.

Financial - History of Recessions

Herb Meyer - Hurdles to the recent economic recovery (1:09)

The Major Hurdle to Economic Recovery

Key trends in politics, demographics, and culture have a tremendous impact on the velocity of an economic recovery.  At a Future Forum event, Herb Meyer explains how these factors have converged making this most recent recovery so much harder to get out of relative to other ones in history. 

Financial - ITR Video

Dr. Jeff Dietrich - The next anticipated correction (1:25)

Good Times Won't Last Forever

Finally many feel like we've regained some steady economic footing underneath us.  Backlogs are growing, employers are thinking about hiring or purchasing equipment.  But what lies ahead?

Looking at the strength of the current economic cycle, Dr. Jeff Dietrich states his prediction for the next economic slowdown and the depth of the next recession.