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Compliance Issues Related to Emerging Employee Benefit Strategies (Webinar)

Thursday, April 26, 2018, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CT CST
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Compliance Issues Related to Emerging Employee Benefit Strategies (Webinar)

Many employers are implementing new strategies in their attempt to control costs while still offering attractive benefits to employees.

In adopting these programs, the employer must consider various compliance implications. This webinar will cover compliance issues related to spousal carve-outs, on-site medical clinics, concierge and direct preventive care provider arrangements, reference-based pricing, and more. 

Bob Radecki, President, Benefit Comply, LLC

Bob has more than 30 years’ experience in the HR and employee benefits industry helping employers deal with difficult benefit and compliance matters. He has served as the principal HIPAA consultant to a number of health insurance companies and is recognized as an expert on a variety of benefit compliance issues including COBRA, FMLA and health reform. Bob has been the featured speaker at numerous industry events and conferences and has published many articles on various compliance issues.

Bob Seng, J.D., Principal, Benefit Comply, LLC

Bob Seng is an ERISA and employee benefits lawyer with 25 years of experience advising employers on all aspects of their employee benefit plans. Prior to joining Benefit Comply, Bob was a partner with Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis. Formerly an assistant general counsel with Target Corporation, Bob was responsible for a legal team advising on all aspects of Target’s employee benefits. Bob served on the policy board of the Washington D.C.-based American Benefits Council and has served as chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association Section on Employee Benefits


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