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Exposed, Targeted & Breached: Your Business Has Already Had A Cyber Attack (Oak Brook, IL)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015, 8:30 AM CST
Oak Brook, IL
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Exposed, Targeted & Breached: Your Business Has Already Had A Cyber Attack (Oak Brook, IL)

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Most companies take over six months to detect data breaches.

 It was recently reported that the average commercial business is faced with continuous attacks and most of those organizations are unaware a breach has occurred.

Businesses are facing ransoms, corporate take overs and their information being sold on the black market.

The best case scenario is that the cyber thieves simply hold the data for ransom – forcing the organization to pay top dollar to purchase it back. However, these thieves know that the data stored by commercial businesses, public entities and organizations is valuable – ranging from trade secrets to sensitive customer data. If accessed, this data can be sold on the black market for high prices. The threat of private and secure information being leaked for the world to access creates an entire new set of concerns for businesses.

Business owners of all sizes continue to function under the false belief that they are protected and their IT department is mitigating potential breaches. When in reality, they have already been breached.


  • How a data breach happens
  • Types of security that can be used to prevent them
  • What to do once one takes place
Employment Law
  • Employment-related issues
  • Impact on employees
  • What types of coverage areprovided generally
  • The specific types of coverage available for data breach, etc.
Civil Liability & Notice
  • Review of state and federal laws impacting data breach
  • Notice requirements when a breach occurs and how those impacted are to be notified
  • Impact of internal notice procedures
  • Causes of action and a discussion about the status of civil litigation following a data breach
  • Types of penalties and damages being imposes
  • Analysis of how to minimize liability risk after a data breach


Michael Quilty

Information Security Network Architect / Peters & Associates

Michael Quilty is a highly certified subject matter expert in the field of CyberSecurity and has consulted on information security programs for government agencies including: U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Courts, Massachusetts’ Department of Workforce Development, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has spent over 30 years in the Information Technology industry, with the last 15 years focusing on Information Security, including information assurance, certification and accreditation, and vulnerability testing and assessment. Mr. Quilty has also been in a lead position at NIST on information assurance programs for FISMA authorization and accreditation.

Violet M. Clark

Partner / Laner Muchin

Violet Clark is a partner at Laner Muchin and, also, serves as a Hearing Officer for the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations and the Cook County Human Rights Commission. She represents management in employment law and labor relations matters before the EEOC, the Illinois Human Rights Commission, state and federal courts, wage and hour matters before the Illinois and United States Departments of Labor, affirmative action matters with the OFCCP, as well as collective bargaining negotiations, contract drafting and interpretation, grievance handling, and unfair labor practice matters before the NLRB and problem-solving in most, if not all, facets of the employer/employee relationship.

Stacy D. Fulco

Partner / Cremer Spina

Stacy Fulco is a partner and member of the law firm Cremer Spina in Chicago. Her practice focuses on the representation of retailers, restaurants and hospitality companies. Stacy has been published and spoken about many security issues impacting the retail and hospitality industries, including concealed-carry policy and liability issues, security manual preparation and tips on hiring security staff. Stacy also publishes a blog addressing legal issues that impact the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries (

Mike Richmond

Sales Executive / Horton Group – Risk Advisory Solutions

Mike Richmond is a risk advisory consultant with The Horton Group. He has spent the past eleven years consulting mid-market businesses and organizations on how to coordinate insurance programs alongside proper risk management policies and procedures. Much of his focus has been in the crime and cyber liability fields, addressing coverage for network security, business income loss, and electronic banking loss.

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