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The View From Main Street: The New Distress Research Indices and What They Tell Us About The Healthcare Market

Thursday, June 9, 2016, 8:00 AM CST
Oak Brook, IL
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The View From Main Street: The New Distress Research Indices and What They Tell Us About The Healthcare Market
*** Please note this event has a venue change from Hamburger University to Maggiano’s Little Italy located at: 240 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL. ***
Registration is from 7:30 – 8:00 A.M. / Continental Breakfast Served for Attendees

Where there is significant change there is also significant investment opportunity. Using data going back to 2010, Polsinelli has begun publishing the Polsinelli/TrBK Distress Indices that track distress across the US market, the US real estate market, and the US healthcare services market.

Unlike most market indices which rely on public company data, the Distress Indices use criteria that include both public and private companies, providing a broader picture of what is happening on Main Street as well as Wall Street. The Indices act as a proxy for distress in the broader market, and are intended to be indicators of where value acquisition opportunities may lie. The Healthcare Services Distress Research Index has been one of the most interesting, based on the different directions of its movement from the other two indices.

In addition, Polsinelli has used data from the Indices to release a special report on the Causes of Distress in Healthcare, categorizing the reasons that healthcare companies recently undergoing distress have given for their struggles. This is real time data available to market in the first year of the major implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and the results were surprising. The Indices have been featured in Bloomberg, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal online, Modern Healthcare, and a number of other publications. Come and hear Bobby Guy and Robert Dempsey, the co-creators of the Distress Indices, discuss the implications and opportunities that the Indices reveal.

Bobby GuyBobby Guy

Shareholder and Co-Founder of Polsinelli P.C.’s Nashville Office

Bobby Guy is a deal lawyer and entrepreneur who spends his time fixing, buying, and selling healthcare companies.  He is shareholder with Polsinelli P.C., and in 2015 co-founded Polsinelli’s office in Nashville, Tennessee.   He has a B.A. in Economics from Whittier College (summa cum laude), and a law degree from Vanderbilt University (Order of the Coif).  He is the author of a book on distressed investing and co-editor of a book on distressed healthcare opportunities.  He has appeared on Fox News and is regularly quoted in the press on healthcare issues, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Healthcare M&A News, the Deal, and others.

Robert DempseyRobert Dempsey

Co-Founder of Polsinelli P.C.’s Nashville Office

Robert Dempsey is a lawyer and entrepreneur who co-founded the Nashville office for Polsinelli P.C. in 2015.  He has started two companies, a technology firm and the venture that produces the Polsinelli/TrBK Distress Indices.  He is a deal lawyer who specializes in acquisitions and securities work, especially in the healthcare and real estate fields, and often in distressed scenarios.  He has a B.S. from Duke University and a law degree from Vanderbilt University. 

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