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How to Handle Employee Benefits Notices and Disclosures

Thursday, October 24, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CST
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Employers are responsible for a wide range or employee benefits related notices and disclosures. Unfortunately, the rules often vary, depending on the particular notice or disclosure.

There are several requirements an employer needs to keep in mind, including who must receive it, when does it need to be sent, can it be sent electronically, can it be combined with other notices, and more. This webinar will review the specific requirements for a variety of important notices and disclosures including the SPD, SBC, HIPAA Special Enrollment Notice, Part D Notice, Exchange Notice, Initial General COBRA Notice and more.


Amanda Olimb J.D.

Senior Consultant / Benefit Comply, LLC 

Amanda Olimb is a licensed attorney in the state of Minnesota who specializes in the area of employee benefits. She joined Benefit Comply, LLC in December 2018. Currently she is responsible for answering client helpline questions, providing client fee-for-service project consulting, writing compliance content, and delivering client training both via the web and on-site. Prior to joining Benefit Comply, Amanda worked at a large national brokerage firm as a research and compliance consultant. 


Senior Consultant / Benefit Comply, LLC 

Sarah Grcevich is a compliance consultant for Benefit Comply, where she assists employers dealing with employee benefits compliance challenges. Prior to joining Benefit Comply, Sarah worked in compliance and public policy for a major health plan, and also served as the HIPAA privacy official for a health insurance technology company.

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