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How to Survive an OSHA Inspection & OSHA Update (Oak Brook, IL)

Friday, July 21, 2017, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM CST
Oak Brook, IL
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How to Survive an OSHA Inspection & OSHA Update (Oak Brook, IL)

Registration is from 8:00 – 8:30 A.M. / Continental Breakfast Served for Attendees

Most employers are not prepared for the possibility of an OSHA inspection and a lack of preparation often leads to violations and penalties (fines). 

OSHA publishes information, which lists an employer’s rights during such inspections, but few employers understand their rights ahead of time, and it’s already too late to read them once they’re supplied a booklet by a compliance officer during an inspection. 

Now OSHA penalties can be up to $12,675 per violation for common citations and up to $126,750 for repeat or willful violations–with most being discovered during inspections and occurring because employees neglect safety rules and policies.

This workshop will help demystify the OSHA inspection process by explaining why inspections occur, how to properly handle an inspection, the rights an employer has, how to avoid or minimize violations noted during the inspection, and what happens when citations and penalties are issued.

Industry leading employers are those that know how to respond to an OSHA inspection, have written procedures, and have trained appropriate personnel how to respond. This prevents costly penalties and keeps the public’s image of a company positive because it allows them to publish successful inspection information on its website.

The workshop’s instructor will also provide an update on recently issued and proposed regulations and agency operations under the new administration. 

Come to the workshop on How to Survive an OSHA inspection and OSHA Update. You don’t want to wait until after you’ve been inspected to learn what to do. 

Gary GladerGary Glader

President / Horton Safety Consultants

Gary Glader oversees a team of safety professionals dedicated to developing, implementing and managing effective safety and risk management programs. As a Certified Safety Professional, Gary consults with clients interested in reducing the frequency and severity of incidents and injuries to help drive down risk and cost of insurance. Gary also provides clients with OSHA and other regulatory body compliance assistance.

Since 1980, Gary has built relationships with many clients, their supervisors, and employees. These relationships, coupled with Gary’s extensive experience, offer strategic advantages to his clients in keeping employees safe, driving down costs, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


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