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Reference Based Pricing – ELAP

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Moving forward under conditions of business and economic uncertainty is difficult – the first thing people do is freeze. People are scared of what they might lose. Therefore, it is good to remember what WILL be lost if one fails to move. When people do not move to a reference-based pricing model, they lose: thousands of dollars in savings, employee advocacy, leadership support, contracts with hospitals based on quality, cost transparency, and a long-term sustainable solution (we trend at Medicare…3%). 

  • Many employers have done what they can to lower healthcare costs. This might include shopping carriers, changing benefit plan design, or shifting costs to employees. 
  • We are asking pay less than today with a model that positively impacts claims costs.
  • In the ELAP model, just like today, the employee is responsible for their plan requirements, nothing more. Deductible, OOP, etc. 
  • Plan designs in this model are the same, or better.  
  • The ELAP model is built to support employee advocacy (psychologically and legally) if there are billing concerns. ELAP’s goal is to remove the employee from the middle and provide advocacy to support.  
  • The carrier model today leaves members hanging with nowhere to turn for help. ELAP’s model is one of support.

At the end of the day, this model helps manufacturing firms:

  1. Spend less $ on claims
  2. Work with ELAP, who has over 500 clients, to support your employees 
  3. Trust that change is worth it (Think of how much you might use Lyft/Uber versus a taxi cab now. The change was positive.) 

Additionally, we will discuss Hiring Temp Labor:

  • Do you utilize temporary labor at your facility?  If so, tune in for tips on how to manage your risk, including topics such as what should be in your contract, who provides insurance coverage, training, and who is responsible if OSHA sees a problem.


Meet Erin! Outside of her professional life, she is pursuing her MBA from DePaul University. She serves as the Chair of the Chicago Sinfonietta Associate Board. She loves to travel and golf. She has been in the benefits space for 10+ years. She started her career at Arthur J. Gallagher focusing on the public sector and coaching clients to develop a thoughtful and intentional approach to health insurance. In January 2016, she channeled my entrepreneurial spirit and joined a start-up, Gravie. During her time at Gravie, she worked with small and mid-sized companies and her goal was to make benefits more approachable and affordable. Following her path to growth and helping folks navigate this challenging and sensitive business sector, Erin joined ELAP in October 2018. In her role at ELAP she works with employers, brokers, consultants, and third-party administrators (TPA) to access a transparent cost containment solution – reference-based pricing. What you should really know about Erin is her dedication to honesty and relationship building. Please connect with her here. 

Stacey Karp

Stacey is fortunate enough to have a very unique perspective with 10+ years working at ELAP having been one of the early employees of the company. Getting her start in the healthcare space 20 years ago at a third-party administrator that managed union labor organizations, that ranged from small to middle market employers throughout the country. Her role at the third-party administrator was to work closely with the claims team to ensure proper claims operations and manage high profile clients expectations and experiences. Moving away from the third-party to ELAP was a culture shock, in a positive way. There needed to be a voice for the employer, a voice for the employee. When she learned of ELAP’s existence and concept, she jumped in with both feet. Having experience with multiple roles at ELAP such as operations, client services and sales, the focus has always been to create transparency and leverage for employers who lacked an advocate for health care.

Material posted on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a legal opinion or medical advice. Contact your legal representative or medical professional for information specific to your legal or medical needs.

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