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Unlock the Pharmacy Benefits Black Box

Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST
Unlock the Pharmacy Benefits Black Box

High-cost therapies are employers’ top concern in pharmacy benefits, and payers are increasing their reliance on partners to help manage costs. As drug pricing remains a mystery, it is more important than ever to effectively manage pharmacy benefits without reducing access for your employees.

At this event, we will discuss how market changes are driving competitive PBM pricing, and what levers you can pull to reduce unnecessary drug spend by taking costs out of the system. 

  • How can you reduce costs while maintaining competitive benefits for employees 
  • Carve in vs carve-out
  • Going out to bid for competitive pricing to improve your contract
  • Using data to closely monitor your PBM’s actual contract performance

Additionally, we will discuss P&C Insurance & Risk Evaluation Tool

  • What are the key areas of a manufacturer’s P&C insurance and risk profile?
  • How do I compare to today’s best in class standards in each area?


Brian TenEyck

Brian TenEyck has spent over 12 years working in the PBM and Patient Access industry.  He has worked and supported some of the largest PBMs and pharmaceutical manufacturers to manage cost, improve client support, and overall patient access to key medications.  In his 3 years at Truveris he has brought his expertise in client relationship and top level project management to many firms in order to support key channel partnerships.


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