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Navigating the ever-changing healthcare environment is increasingly complicated with an aging population, a growing trend of community-based care and changing payer reimbursement without having to worry about unique insurance exposures and risks for palliative and hospice organizations.


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About Horton Healthcare Hospice Team

Our team of over 20 insurance professionals specialize only in Healthcare

Our Healthcare practice has deep and rich experience specifically in the healthcare industry offering insurance comprehensive coverage in risk management, safety, employee benefits and wellness to nearly 3,000 physician groups, outpatient facilities, dialysis facilities, ambulance and medical transport, urgent care facilities, hospitals, hospice and palliative care, assisted living, drug and alcohol treatment center, human service, home healthcare organizations.

Insurance Solutions for Palliative and Hospice Organizations

Whether your organization is a for profit or non-profit Palliative Care, Hospice Provider or Hospital Staffing Provider, we offer insurance coverage tailored to your needs.

General Liability
Workers' Compensation
Crime and Fidelity Coverage
Property Insurance

Directors' & Officers' Liability
Excess / Umbrella Liability
Automobile Insurance

Group Medical
Voluntary Insurance
Retirement Services

Bell Endorsement available
Crisis Management Enhancement Endorsement available
Abuse and Molestation Coverage Available

Our Insurance Services

One solution for all insurance needs.

We help businesses lower the cost of their risk by focusing on risk control, supported by the best claims advocacy, loss control, and core insurance services available. Our capabilities range from securing basic insurance coverage to overseeing comprehensive risk management programs and providing advanced, specialized services.


Health Insurance & Employee Benefits
  • Group Medical
  • Core & Voluntary Benefits
  • FSA / HSA
  • Wellness
  • ACA / DOL Compliance


Commercial Insurance Coverages
  • Business Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Bonds
  • Umbrella


Insurance for Individuals
  • Home
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Recreational Vehicles

How can Horton Safety Consulting Services help your Healthcare Business Operations?

How can Horton Safety Consulting Services help your Healthcare Business Operations?

Horton Safety Consultants can:

  • Be your dedicated safety professional for day to day interaction on your account. Tracking and trending of worker's compensation, property and general liability claims. Claims data review/comparison, analytics and benchmarking when applicable. 
  • Provide safety, health and compliance seminars. We have a wide variety of topics available or we can structure these specifically to the needs of your organization. 
  • Provide first-aid, CPR & AED training and certification for key company personnel.  
  • Provide routine training sessions for managers, supervisors and leads to ensure that facility safety and employee work practices are compliant with applicable OSHA standards and company directions.
  • Conduct safety observations and audits using the Predictive Solutions software platform. Predictive Solutions provides statistical probabilities regarding the occurrence of accidents and injuries. Formal reports with photographs depicting both safe and at risk practices and conditions will be distributed to key company personnel. Safety consultants will also review and provide feedback regarding site specific safety information required such as training programs and Job Hazard Analysis completion. Additional feedback regarding the results of the inspection will be provided to applicable supervisors prior to leaving the facility. 
  • Conduct a SAFE assessment which looks at nine essential elements of a successful safety and risk management program. Safety policies, procedures, accident investigation reports, disciplinary action policies, safety observations and audits, and a facility review are included in this extensive assessment. 
  • Conduct documented accident and injury investigations. The investigation report will include descriptions and a summary of events, root causes and recommended actions; photographs will be taken. Horton Safety Consultants will use these investigations to solicit ideas and suggestions from all employees on how to prevent similar injuries or accidents from occurring in the future.
  • Develop and implement an Accident Review Board (ARB). The Accident Review Board is made up of key company personnel who review and hold meetings to discuss significant accidents or near misses. At regular intervals, the injured or involved employee and their supervisor report to the ARB meetings to discuss what events transpired and what must be addressed to prevent future events.
  • Conduct a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Audit. Our COVID-19 Preparedness Audit includes an onsite facility evaluation of those key elements necessary for an effective exposure control plan. 
  • Administer a short and customizable survey to distribute to your staff to gauge interest in various safety & health initiatives. 
  • Distribute safety & health communications, flyers and events to clients in an easy to share format with your staff. Recent OSHA and/or CDC updates, events, success stories and best practices can be included in these communications. 
  • Advise on capabilities to perform Industrial Hygiene activities necessary to ensure compliance with applicable OSHA hazardous and toxic substances requirements, OSHA’s respiratory protection regulations and OSHA’s hearing conservation standard. 
  • Assist in organizing and providing safety resources to established committees. Safety & health account managers can attend virtual quarterly meetings. 
  • Advise on Bloodborne Pathogens Training - Employers whose employees are exposed to blood and body fluids during the course of work are subject to OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard, including training in the hazards associated with bloodborne pathogens and methods employees can use to protect themselves from those hazards.  
  • “Part-Time Safety Director” Services

Hospice & Palliative Insurance Experts

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Mike Madey

With clients ranging from hospitals to individual physicians' practices, Mike and his team have earned the trust of many business owners. He feels that Horton differentiates itself from the competition through the delivery of value-added services, such as safety consulting, claims advocacy and legal assistance.

Jason Wallace

Whether the next idea originates from a new captive concept, a strategic acquisition, or taking the Healthcare Practice to the next level, Jason thrives on keeping The Horton Group on top and always pushing for more.