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Mike Richmond Named Insurance Journal’s 2017 Agent of the Year

Thursday, March 29, 2018

CHICAGO, IL – We are pleased to announce that on December 18th, 2017 Insurance Journal named Horton’s Mike Richmond as one of their “Agents of the Year.”

The report featured ten agents from across different sections of the United States who exemplified the profile of a successful independent agent in today’s insurance arena. Although sales are one specific measure of this nomination, the primary focus of this award weighed on the passion and professionalism for what these individuals commit themselves to, their strategy and their clients.

Richmond has been a Sales Executive with the Horton Group since 2011. His client focus comes from a mix of sectors including manufacturing, technology, professional services, real estate and nonprofits. “When I came to Horton, I was looking for an agency that was more than just a better place to sell insurance.  My favorite part of this job is that, especially in the mid-market, clients look to their insurance agents as an advisor and allow you to become a part of their team.”

Before coming to Horton, Richmond spent seven years as an insurance consultant while also attending the John Marshall Law School where he successfully earned his Juris Doctor and passed the Illinois Bar. 

While Horton places a strong emphasis on following an industry specialization with its production staff, his background in law created a unique position allowing him to be a resource among colleagues for complicated insurance matters and transactions with high-risk clients. Thus, his client focus is diversified, “spending the past 13 years developing experience and knowledge in nearly every type of industry,” said Richmond.

Richmond firmly believes this recognition is a testament to Horton and the team of people who work here every day. “They deserve the recognition just as much, if not more than I do.” 

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