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The Horton Group announces its very own Health Clinic at its Corporate Headquarters

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Orland Park, IL – July 24, 2018 – Today, the Horton Group announced the launch of its onsite health clinic in the Orland Park, IL office. Investing in an onsite health clinic is a testament to Horton’s values, as an industry-leading employer, to be good for employees. 

The clinic serves as another resource for employees in Horton’s ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees and their families. In today’s employer market, the demands of the current workforce call for more. In our continued efforts to be an industry leader, Horton recognizes the importance of becoming a better employer of choice.

Horton partnered with Riverside Healthcare to bring this incredible wellness benefit to its employees, spouses, and dependents located at the corporate headquarters in Orland Park, IL. After years of feedback, Horton zeroed in on what barriers to better health challenged Horton’s employees:

  • Access – convenience
  • Cost – expensive
  • Knowledge – unaware

This step forward propels Horton and its employee population to be well; to get care when needed, and most importantly not worry about financial burdens or hardships in typical preventative and sick visits. With resources onsite and on-staff, employees have every opportunity to learn more about personal health with a resource brought to their fingertips.

The clinic will initially be open on Thursdays with plans to add additional days of availability. All employees, covered and non-covered spouses and dependents can use the clinic, including dependents as young as 18 months old. Patients can sign up for appointments for preventative services, common cold/flu symptoms, sinus infection, ear/nose/throat issues, UTI, sports physicals, school immunizations, flu shots, pink eye, rashes, and more. Most importantly, it is encouraged for employees to use the clinic while at work. Clocking out is not required!

Preventative care visits will be covered 100% by the Horton Group for all employees, covered spouses, and dependents. Sick visits for those covered or not covered, and preventative care for non-covered spouses or dependents will cost $40. The clinic will also be able to prescribe medications, but those will need to be picked up at a local pharmacy.

“We look for the most effective and efficient means to provide a company with higher productivity, a safer environment, increased employee satisfaction and lower costs. And this is certainly another step forward in that direction,” said Glenn Horton, Chief Executive Officer.

“From an employer perspective, we felt that providing our employees and families with this type of resource was the next step in our wellbeing journey. Being able to provide a clinical resource alongside our more traditional resources will afford our employees and families with the greatest opportunities to live healthy lives and in the most cost-effective manner,” said Jason Helfert, President of Consulting Services.

For more information, please contact Jason Helfert, President of Horton Consulting Services.

The Horton Wellness Consultant team works with organizations to build a strategic framework for their wellness initiatives. Through creating a healthy work environment and protecting the health and wellbeing of employees the client achieves a better culture, retain and attract talent and reduce costs. 

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Horton is an insurance, employee benefits and risk advisory firm that leads clients with complex needs and limited resources to a higher level of performance. We help clients understand enterprise risk and offer solutions to turn these perceived costs into a competitive advantage. 

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