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Backing Up and Parking a Tractor Trailer

Thursday, March 14, 2013

When backing up a trailer, it is crucial to pay close attention to detail. Naturally, backing up a tractor trailer can be extremely challenging, even for professional drivers. Take precautions and establish proper communication while maneuvering. Remember that backing up is a top cause of accidents within the moving and storage industry.

Loss Prevention Tips

  • Attention to detail is key for a driving career.
  • Backing up and parking is challenging for any professional driver
  • Designate a spotter to help you park
    • Clear communication is crucial
    • If you can no longer see your spotter … STOP!
  •  Drive past the target area with the destination on the driver’s side
  • Allow the driver to get a chance to plan the fast way to back in oScan the area for vehicles, pedestrians, and obstructions
  • Check mirrors before shifting the transmission into reverse
  • Watch the end of your trailer in the driver’s side mirror
  • Glance in the opposite mirror every so often for items
  • Pull forward and straighten the trailer if the truck is too close to an object


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