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Spotlight on Success: Horton’s Non-Profit Team

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Spotlight on Success: Horton’s Non-Profit Team

The Horton Group’s Non Profit Practice Team, along with President of Horton Consulting Services, Jason Helfert, received the 2017 “Power Broker” of the Year Award for the first time in Horton’s history.

However, for Jason, this award was not about him. It was about the team who works together in the most driven fashion to do good work, support change and continuously advise our Non Profit customers. That’s what makes the difference in helping customers achieve their highest level of performance.

The Non Profit team Jason works with consists of Robin Bettenhausen (Co-Practice Leader), Ed Young Jr. (Client Executive), Cindy Greenhill (Senior Client Manager), Meghan Drew (Senior Client Analyst), Brianne Mooney (Senior Client Specialist), Genalle Miller (Safety Consultant) and Gary Glader (President of Safety Consulting).

We were able to take some time and talk to Jason to get a deeper understanding of the story regarding our nonprofit practice team:

“Our goal and vision from the very beginning (2009) was to build a brand within the insurance and non-profit industries that set ourselves apart from our peers. We wanted to be known as the absolute only choice for non-profit agencies and being committed to doing whatever we can to make that happen.”

How did this team pull it off? The answer is embodying our values and lots of good old fashioned hard work.

“We worked tirelessly to make sure every executive, CPA, banker and attorney knew who Horton was. We were committed to proving more insight and education to the non-profit world than any other insurance broker…period. The team learned to be meticulously organized and always intentionally looking through the lens of our clients”.

There’s no doubt that Jason has proven himself as a great leader. But as he puts it…

“I was just lucky enough to be along for the ride. Without Cindy (Greenhill), Meghan (Drew), Ed (Young, Jr), Robin (Bettenhausen), Brianne (Mooney), Gary (Glader) and Genalle (Miller)…there is no non-profit practice .”

Congratulations to the Non Profit practice team on this incredible achievement.

Specific details of the award received by The Horton Group’s Non Profit Team are outlined below: 

About Risk & Insurance® Power Broker®:

The Risk & Insurance® Power Broker® Awards are an annual selection of the most effective and influential commercial insurance brokers. The Power Broker® designation is based on nominations provided by brokers and risk managers in each industry sector. Hundreds of risk managers and risk executives are interviewed in the process of identifying and soliciting, evaluating and judging the nominees. Brokers are judged primarily on their creativity in solving risk-related problems during the previous year, their demonstrated industry knowledge and their high level of client service.


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