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Common Driving Procedures: Turns and Intersections

Monday, May 12, 2014

Do you ever get nervous when trying to make a left turn in a large work vehicle? Do you get confused as to who has the right of way when pedestrians are waiting to cross the street?

Since the engineering of American roads and city streets can vary significantly from place to place, it is sometimes confusing for drivers to know what to do. However, there are some general rules that apply to most major roadways.
?Left Turns

Generally, motorists recognize left turn lanes by signage or arrows painted on the pavement. On many major streets, left turn lanes are separated from other lanes with concrete barriers.

If you are attempting to make a left turn, it is important that you watch out for opposing traffic, traffic making right turns from the other direction, and cyclists and pedestrians also on the road.

  • Avoid drifting into other lanes when making a left. Turn into the closest lane possible or the one that is designated for you (if there are multiple left turn lanes).
  • If you are turning left from a two-way street into a one-way street or vice versa, turn from the far left lane into any available lane.
  • When making a left at a light-regulated intersection, assume that the oncoming traffic does not stop unless you have a left-turn arrow signal.

Right TurnsVehicles can make right turns at any time, unless there is a “No Turn on Red” sign present or when other traffic is passing through.

When making a right turn, be cautious of other vehicles going straight from the perpendicular direction or those turning left into the lane you wish to enter. Also exercise extreme caution around pedestrians and cyclists.

Intersections Stop at the first white line marked on the pavement at lighted intersections. Avoid stopping between the white lines, as a crosswalk is specifically designed only for pedestrians.

If there are no lines at the intersection, then stop so as not to block the turning or crossing traffic.

 As a general rule, never enter an intersection on a red light for any reason. Also, refrain from entering the intersection if it is backed up by other traffic or if pedestrians are crossing.

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