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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Health Reform Employer Impact Analysis Tool

Beginning in 2014, new rules go into effect that may have a significant effect on employer-sponsored health plans, and employers are confused by how these changes will impact them. Compounding the uncertainty is the fact that the rules will have dramatically different effects on different employers based on factors such as the employer size, employee demographics, and current plan designs.

Now there is a tool to help employers analyze how various health reform changes will affect their unique situation.

The Horton Group’s Health Reform Impact Analysis Tool uses the employer’s unique employee and plan information to estimate the financial impact of various health reform rules including:

  • The employer shared responsibility rules (also referred to as the employer mandate), and possible employer penalties
  • The potential cost of expanded eligibility requirements
  • The effect of expanded Medicaid eligibility rules
  • The real cost of choosing to drop health benefits and pay applicable penalties


Effect on the plan of new legislation penalties for:

  •                                 Cadillac Tax
  •                                 Health Insurance Industry Tax
  •                                 Comparative Effectiveness Research Tax
  •                                 Health Exchange Reinsurance Fee
    How it Works
    We first analyze the employee census data, current plan and employer contribution information. Then data from the U.S. Census related to household size and income are applied to calculate the range of costs an
    employer can expect to experience related to each health reform provision.

    What-if Scenarios
    Once employers understand how the rules affect their current plans, their next question will be “so what happens if I change _________?” The tool takes the analysis one step further, and allows the employer to consider the impact of various changes to plan design, employer contributions and eligibility rules.

    Please download the attached document for illustrations and grids to better help you understand the Employer Impact Analysis Tool.

    For more information on The Horton Group’s Health Reform Impact Analysis Tool, call your Horton representative at 800.383.8283.

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