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Drive Down Risk Through a Partnership with a Qualified Safety Consulting Firm

Monday, April 29, 2019

Effective safety programs are one of the best ways to reduce the risk and cost of preventable accidents. 

The relationship between two businesses requires the same time, care, and mutual respect as relationships between two individuals. Such is the case of a long-time, general contractor client of Horton Safety Consultants. Sometimes not always the forefront of concerns for a General Contractor, this GC was concerned about the health and safety of everyone involved in their projects, including employees of their subcontractors. 

Many middle-market and larger general contractors focus on the contractual transfer of risk downstream to subcontractors and suppliers, but industry-leading general contractors focus on eliminating or mitigating the risk that requires incidents and injuries to be contractually transferred to other parties. This particular client gladly accepted its role as a general contractor in providing a safe and healthful workplace for all persons involved in the project. 

With assistance from consultants like Chris Pfeiffer, Vice President and Illinois Consulting Team Leader, the client developed a very strong culture of safety in their operations. In his work with them, Chris assisted in making even more improvements in their safety program including pre-construction meetings focused solely on safety, developing detailed site-specific safety plans, and developing the safety and risk management skills of project managers. Chris has also helped establish an understanding of the importance of accident and near-miss investigations, and corrective action involving our client, Chris, and affected subcontractors. 

In the 16 years of this great business relationship, this client has experienced only three OSHA inspections, and none of the inspections resulted in citations issued to them or their subcontractors! Results like this can only occur when a client and safety consultant are on the same page. Fortunately, Chris Pfeiffer has an excellent and thriving relationship with many of our general contractor clients, including this particular example. Do you have a long-term relationship with a safety consultant like Chris Pfeiffer?

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