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Driving in Rain and Fog

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rain and Fog are blamed for thousands of fatal accidents on the roadway annually. Many accidents are preventable, professional drivers must exercise extreme caution and recognize adverse weather conditions when operating a tractor trailer.

Loss Prevention Tips

  • Exercise caution when it begins to rain.
    • Engine oil and grease build up on the road over time
    • First fifteen minutes of rain on roadways are most slick
  • Increase following distance 
    • Tractor trailers need more space to stop due to their weight
  • Allow for more travel time
  • Slow down speed when roads are wet
  • Brake early to let drivers behind you know you are slowing down
  • Stay away from standing water
    • Driving through standing water causes tires to lose grip from the roadway
    • Wet Brakes = No Brakes!
    • Regain grip by braking until traction returns
  • Defog your windows; rain will cause the windshield to fog up


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