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Get Reimbursed in Illinois for Employer Training though ETIP


The Employer Training Investment Program (ETIP) is designed to assist Illinois employers in providing training to full-time employees, increasing capacity, building stronger workforces, and creating a more competitive business climate in Illinois.

The program’s term started in July 2018 and runs through December 31, 2019. Any training that happens during this specific timeline can qualify for reimbursement with the passing of specific eligibility criteria. Administration of the grant is completed on a quarterly-basis with allocations on a first-come, first-served methodology.

Who is Eligible?

A company may participate if they have a physical location in the state of Illinois and agree to train only the full-time IL-based employees. Thus, you cannot use ETIP grants to train part-time, seasonal, or contract employees. 

Is my training eligible?



  • Trainings in response to new technologies or product lines
  • Learning about newly purchased machinery
  • Trainings allowing the company to expand to new export markets
  • Remedial training in English as a Second Language, and other subjects that are prerequisites for future trainings
  • Trainings on compensation and recognition systems
  • Diversity and sales trainings
  • GED and other personal development training
  • Remedial training that does not serve as a prerequisite for future trainings


Application Process

Download applications at DCEO websiteAdditionally, if you are an active member of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) they will work with organizations to collect and submit proper forms you can visit the IMA website for form downloads and additional information.

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