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New Legislation Opens Equity Crowdfunding Investing Opportunities [white paper]

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
New Legislation Opens Equity Crowdfunding Investing Opportunities [white paper]

On October 30, 2015, the SEC passed Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business (JOBS) Act. This long-awaited legislation opens equity crowdfunding opportunities from 8.6 million accredited investors to 233.7 million combined accredited and non-accredited investors. It also provides a green light for investors from a lower income bracket who may not be familiar with this high-risk field of investing.

Each equity crowdfunding venture, on average, has a 90 percent chance of failure. While this should not be a problem for those familiar with the risks, new investors who don’t do their due diligence, could risk losing an irreconcilable amount. 

To learn more, read the white paper, Crowdfunding: The Future of Equity Investing. Created by our Partners at Assurex Global, this white paper provides insights into:

  • The rise in popularity of equity crowdfunding
  • The top six risks involved with investing in equity crowdfunding
  • Insurance opportunities for this burgeoning field

Download a copy of Crowdfunding: The Future of Equity Investing by completing the form below.

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