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OSHA Preparedness & Protection, Are You There?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Certain violations, even the appearance of such violations, especially in trenching and excavating on an underground, could destroy a contractor’s OSHA compliance history, therefore, resulting in lost business opportunities and fines as much as $127,000.

Last spring, a long-time, heavy trenching and excavation-focused Horton customer working in the southwest suburbs of Milwaukee was inspected by OSHA. This is a very-regulated working environment, and so, proper safety protocols are crucial.

Two OSHA compliance officers and an intern observing the work activity from across the street spotted one of our client’s employees working in an unprotected trench. Pictures and measurements were taken and the compliance officers left with enough information to issue serious citations for three specific violations of OSHA’s excavation standard.

The very next day, the CEO of the company contacted a Horton Safety Consultant requesting his assistance with the inspection and aftermath. The consultant immediately developed a response strategy to mitigate the magnitude of the citations likely to be issued.

Armed with documentation from the response and mitigation work completed by our safety consultant for the contractor, Horton Safety Consultants attended the OSHA informal conference with our client. Our Safety Consutant work immediately following the inspection and before citation issuance helped change the category of two of the three OSHA citations from “serious” to “other than serious.” This resulted in a 50% reduction in the amount of the penalty originally issued.

Without the aggressive and shielding actions of Horton Safety Consultants, this contractor would face several costly OSHA violations; remain susceptible to further risks on their job sites, and a damaged public record for business opportunities moving forward.  In the world of risk management, your success and opportunity equate to reduced cost, workload and risk. Take the opportunity today and discover what’s possible to drive down your cost, workload, and risk for better outcomes for your business, today.




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