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[Report] MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study:

Monday, June 3, 2019
[Report] MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study:

Thriving in the New Work-Life World

Every generation has personality traits, specific to relative historical context and social norms of their time, and such experiences affect how the respective generation views the and employment. Today, more than ever, employees desire happiness beyond their work – to also include their personal life (outside of work), as well as their relationships. How can employers acknowledge this shift in human behavior? They can do such by adapting to flexibility needs of employees, of course to a certain level, and giving “out-of-the-box” opportunities to enhance human growth, purpose, and balance for the professional and personal frontier!

In a special report, conducted by MetLife, you will discover what businesses are doing today to capture employees on the professional and person frontiers; keeping them attracted, hopeful, and engaged in their everyday lives. With the help of data metrics and specifics, note specifics that can play a larger role for your organization. Do not sleep at the wheel, and take advantage of this call-to-action advice of helping employees and organizations thrive in synchronization. 


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