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What else can I be doing to prevent losses? There’s nothing I can do to prevent some claims…

Monday, April 13, 2015
Beth Sotelo

Most companies focus on the number of claims as an indicator of their performance.  “We don’t have too many claims, except for the big one that occasionally happens that we can’t do anything about.”

The reality is that most businesses have gotten very good at safety and loss prevention.  What remains are typically a handful of really big claims that drive performance.

Traditional Approach:  “I’m Already Doing Everything I Can…”

When we ask someone “how’s your safety program?”, 99% of the time the response is “it’s good.”  No one wants to be the company who says they’re not doing a very good job keeping their employees safe.

When pushed for detail, common themes emerge:

  • “We do all the required training”
  • “We have a Return-to-Work Program”
  • “We have a Safety Committee”
  • “We do Toolbox Talks”
  • “All of our employees wear the right Personal Protective Equipment”
  • “Our Experience Mod is less than 1.00”
  • “We’re pretty good, except for the occasional claims that costs us $200k+.  But those aren’t our fault.”

Sound familiar?

Innovative Approach:  Safety Culture vs. Safety Practices

In our experience, there is much more that can be done. It starts with defining specific goals for your safety program. But to go from average to superior performance begins requires a commitment to making safety a priority and building a culture of accountability.

The reality is that while the employees know what the right safety habits are and the management team thinks they’ve clearly communicated that safety is a priority, it’s the supervisors that have to balance production vs. working safely.  And one ever plans on having an accident.

Fortunately, claims don’t happen that often.  But if an employer can prevent one or two big claims over the course of 3-5 years, then you’re materially better than your competition.  And the only way to do that is with an effective culture of safety and accountability that starts at the top.

And there are lots of tactics to set that tone for your business.

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