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Truck Drivers Win $54M Verdict In Wage Theft Case Against Walmart


This settlement is just one in a growing number of cases claiming wage theft

On November 23rd, a San Francisco jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled against Walmart and for truck drivers on in a dispute over compensation.

 The nearly 900 truck drivers alleged Walmart violated California’s minimum wage law when they were not paid for various tasks including:

  • Waiting in line to load or unload their cargo
  • Time spent to fill out federally mandated trip slips
  • Washing and fueling their trucks
  • Shortchanging drivers by paying them by the mile
  • Failing to give its drivers meal and rest breaks
  • Inadequately compensated for sleeping in their cabs during layovers

The jury awarded the drivers $54 million in damages and Walmart could still face additional damages and penalties that could top off at $150 million.

The truck drivers were represented by Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, whose firm of Wagner Jones Kopfman & Artenian.  According to the San Francisco Bee, Wagner also currently has civil trials pending against three large trucking firms and has said that, “this verdict sends a message to other trucking firms who are committing wage theft.”

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