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Wisconsin Flagger Training – New Requirements Are You Prepared to Meet the Deadline?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Effective January 1, 2020, the State of Wisconsin will require all flaggers working on Wisconsin state highways to be trained and certified in a Wisconsin specific flagger training curriculum. Observations of work zones by the state identified the need for improved training.

Unsafe practices identified during these observations include:

  • Flagger’s sitting in or leaning on vehicles without an escape route
  • Flagger’s not holding paddles, rather using drums or cones to hold paddles
  • Inattentive flagger (cell phone use, talking, etc.)
  • Improper flagger personal protective equipment
  • Flagger’s back to traffic

To provide for the safety of flaggers and the traveling public, Wisconsin now requires the training and certification of all flaggers working on state highways. Specific requirements are identified in the recently updated Wisconsin Flagging Handbook. (

Designated flaggers will need to show proof of certification if asked by Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) or other state inspectors. Failure to produce certification documentation may result in the shutdown of the operation until a certified flagger takes over flagging duties.

Details regarding the Wisconsin flagger training certification process include:

  • 4 hours required classroom training
  • 8 hours of field/on the job training
  • 2 hours of refresher training every two years
  • Students must take and pass a 10 question test
  • Students must demonstrate flagging skill competency

WisDOT will recognize training curriculums that meet these requirements and the instructions contained in their newly published handbook.

Horton Safety Consultants is prepared to deliver this important training to your organization’s employees. Qualified safety consultants can provide training at your location or at one of several courses scheduled at our Waukesha training facility.

If you have questions about this new requirement or would like to schedule training, please contact Tim Walsh at (262) 347-2675 or

 Wisconsin Flagger Training 

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