Surety Bond Kits

With the ease and access to a bond kit, you ensure full compliance with a city, village, or municipality’s requirements for work in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Avoid having to wait on your broker for a specially notarized bond as a hurdle to start your project work!

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Three Critical Questions Addressed

Who Needs a Bond?

General Contractors
Street & Road Contractors
Asphalt Paving Contractors
Boring/Utility Contractors
And More!

When Will You Need It?

Bonding will be required in every city or county where work is performed. If the work is located across a large geographical region, that means numerous licenses and permit bonds to be on-site and perform the required work.

Why Horton’s Product?

We offer a five-pack license/ permit bond kit at half the price and fully-compliant with each city, village, or municipality in IL, IN, and WI. You won’t need to wait on your broker to call andrequest the bond - nor wait on the original notarized piece!

Bond Kit Pricing

Bond Kit Pricing

The surety requires that the premium for all bond kits be paid upfront (before the bonds are released to the client). Therefore, you must send Horton a check prior to getting the bonds or call us to make a payment online. Bond kits are $225.00 with NO limit as to how many kits you would like to purchase. Each Bond kit includes five bonds.
**NOT valid for state bonds or contract, performance, maintenance, subdivision, supply or utility guarantee type bonds.**

Talk to a Surety Expert About Bond Kits

David Roth

Dave Roth is a Practice Group Leader at Horton. In this role, Dave is responsible for providing innovative surety services to new and existing Horton clients. He oversees a team of surety specialists dedicated to saving clients time and money.

Dan Leja

Dan Leja is a Sales Executive for Horton’s Select Business Division. In this role, Dan is responsible for providing Horton clients with comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet their most complex, risk-related challenges and opportunities.