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As Your Business Grows, Both the Risks and Reward Become Greater.

Horton offers coverage and advice that can suit your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Education Insurance

The Horton Group concentrates on providing insurance, risk management, and employee benefits.As one of the largest privately-held insurance brokers in the country, The Horton Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.


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There are a number of complexities of facing the education sector, including: limited budgets, collective bargaining agreements, long term employee relationships, multi-generational benefit needs, sizeable retiree population with GASB implications, higher than usual dependent participation, Variable Hours employees with 30+ hours causing concern for ACA requirements and benefit requirements causing potential Cadillac Excise Tax liability in 2018.
The Horton Group grasps the significance of these issues and risks. With our expertise, we can help guide you through the weeds.

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