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Pet Food Manufacturing Insurance

Processing, manufacturing and distributing pet food products is risky and complicated – leaving your operations with many exposures. That’s why proper pet food insurance is essential.

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About Horton’s Pet Food Processing Manufacturing Insurance Program

Your business is risky with evolving complexities. Our capabilities range from securing basic insurance coverage to overseeing complex risk management programs and providing advanced, specialized services to meet your needs. Whether it be dealing with a recall, a federal inspection, workers’ compensation claim, or any number of day-to-day issues, we are here to help you achieve a higher level of performance.

Is Your Pet Food Manufacturing Insurance Comprehensive?

Proper insurance coverage is key for your pet food manufacturing business, the risks and exposures are extensive and if not properly covered – costly.  We recommend the following as minimum coverages: Building, Business Personal Property, Business Income with Extra Expense, Equipment Breakdown, Employee Dishonesty,  Accounts Receivable, Computers, Goods in Transit, Valuable Papers and Records, General Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, Environmental Impairment Liability, Umbrella Liability, Hired and Nonownership Auto Liability and Workers Compensation.

What Day-to-Day Issues Concern You Most?

  • How would a recall of my product(s) affect our public image and bottom line?
  • Is all of my product covered to appropriate insurance limits?
  • If I had a critical piece of equipment break down at our facility, how long would it take to fix?
  • How can I better manage our accounts/receivables against a customer not paying their bills?
  • How would I handle exposures to toxic or caustic chemicals?
  • How would I handle someone being injured by a slip, trip or fall?
  • How would I handle environmental exposure due to animal by-products may develop bacterial contaminants that could affect air, surface or groundwater, or soil?

Specialized Pet Food Manufacturing Insurance Coverages

  • Change in controlled environment – perishable property (not otherwise insured) – provides coverage for the physical loss or damage to a perishable property resulting from a change in a controlled environment (business income and extra expense and perishable property in transit included)
  • Contamination (not otherwise insured) – provides coverage for the loss or damage to a covered property or the loss of business income caused by or resulting from contamination
  • Product replacement and recall expense – reimbursement for the costs associated with a product recall or other expenses incurred to replace goods that are suspected to be unfit or dangerous
  • Reward coverage – reimbursement for the reward that leads to a felony conviction arising out of a loss or damage to a covered property
  • Off-premises and mobile equipment breakdown – extends equipment breakdown coverage to include equipment off-premises, as well as in or on a vehicle used for business
  • Tools and equipment – provides mobile businesses a blanket limit of insurance for veterinarian medical equipment, and pet care tools and other equipment. This coverage can help pay for the cost to repair equipment if it breaks and reimburses for the loss of business income and other expenses. Coverage includes:
    • Scheduled equipment and tools
    • Leased or borrowed equipment and tools
    • Employees equipment and tools
    • Newly acquired equipment and tools
    • Business income and extra expense due to loss of covered equipment and tools

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How can Horton Safety Consulting Services help your Manufacturing Business Operations?

Horton Safety Consultants can:

  • Develop organizational specific safety and health programs and procedures with special emphasis on manufacturing environment work activities and exposures. Special emphasis safety programs and procedures could include equipment and machine operations and guarding, electrical safety and lockout tagout, hazard communication; globally harmonized systems, housekeeping and combustible dust, ergonomics and soft tissue injury prevention.
  • Provide authorized, affected and other lockout/tagout application training.
  • Provide powered industrial truck, scissor and aerial lift training and certification.
  • Provide first-aid, CPR & AED training and certification for key company personnel.
  • Provide routine training sessions for managers, supervisors and leads to ensure that facility safety and employee work practices are compliant with applicable OSHA standards and company directions.
  • Conduct safety observations and audits  using the Predictive Solutions software platform. Predictive Solutions provides statistical probabilities regarding the occurrence of accidents and injuries. Formal reports with photographs depicting both safe and at-risk practices and conditions will be distributed to key company personnel.
  • Conduct documented accident and injury investigations. The investigation report will include descriptions and a summary of events, root causes and recommended actions; photographs will be taken. Horton Safety Consultants will use these investigations to solicit ideas and suggestions from all employees on how to prevent similar injuries or accidents from occurring in the future.
  • Develop and implement an Accident Review Board (ARB). The Accident Review Board is made up of key company personnel who review and hold meetings to discuss significant accidents or near misses. At regular intervals, the injured or involved employee and their supervisor report to the ARB meetings to discuss what events transpired and what must be addressed to prevent future events.
  • Capabilities to perform Industrial Hygiene activities necessary to ensure compliance with applicable OSHA hazardous and toxic substances requirements, OSHA’s respiratory protection regulations and OSHA’s hearing conservation standard.

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We help businesses lower the cost of their risk by focusing on risk control, supported by the best claims advocacy, loss control, and core insurance services available. Our capabilities range from securing basic insurance coverage to overseeing comprehensive risk management programs and providing advanced, specialized services.

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