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A healthy and engaged workforce is a productive workforce.
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The Heart to Care. The Smarts to Get There.

Prioritizing health in the workplace will decrease risks, claims and premium costs while improving the overall health of your employees. Our wellness advisory solutions team can help you design and implement a robust and comprehensive wellness program.

We will grant you access to Horton’s preferred wellness portal, which contains resources around health education, monthly calendars and low and no cost wellness activities. Our team stays up-to-date with EEOC requirements to provide you with the most recent, tried-and-true recommendations.


Plan Realistic Wellness Solutions

Before implementing any program, it is crucial to understand employees’ needs and wants. Our wellness team will survey your population in terms of wellness and pinpoint areas for improvement. We will work closely with your leadership team to prioritize the areas that are most important to you, such as engagement, budget or culture. From there, we will develop a tailored plan for your employees.


Make Your Plan Effective

It can be daunting for one single person taking on the extra responsibility of putting together a wellness strategy. Because of this, we recommend establishing a wellness committee to foster a positive culture within the organization. Committees are most effective when they have a budget and everyone has an active role. It is important to have input from all levels within the organization, as each level has different but equally important points of view.


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Near Site / Onsite Clinic

Your employees are facing healthcare barriers, Near Site and Onsite Clinics can help remove those barriers.

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Population Health Management

For self-insured employers, our Population Health Management services strive to improve your workforce by combining clinical-based health management with safety, wellness, and health coaching.

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Alto-Shaam has valued wellness programs for our employees for the past seven years. Over the years, our program has evolved and changed by keeping one thing in mind: helping our employees lead healthier lives.

We value the idea that wellness means and looks like something different for each individual. In 2022, we took a leap to completely change our platform to allow for more customization and creativity with our programs. This new program allows for more personalization to help our family members design a program that works best for them.

Are You Self-Funded?

Population health management is an option for self-funded clients who have a level of medical and pharmaceutical data that allows us to start analyzing the claim information from a clinical lens. It gives companies more control over how they manage their risk. Investing in chronic condition management programs helps control risk from a cost and severity standpoint. For larger insured groups, consider self-funding to see if it’s a better fit and controls risk from a different standpoint.

Explore Population Health Management

By creating a fun and supportive work environment, AC3’s wellness program has achieved great employee engagement, boosted productivity, minimized the impact of benefit changes and enabled the ability to preserve premium rates.

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Our team of wellness professionals serve as ongoing advisors with respect to your approach to Wellness. We offer out-of-the-box services that directly impact your approach to risk transfer and risk management, such as biometric screenings and lunch and learns.

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