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Direct Contracting for Health Benefits

Contract directly with provider facilities — those providers will be your organization’s preferred service providers for employee health needs.

Find New Savings with Direct Contracting in Healthcare

You negotiate contracts for business services — why not healthcare?

Prioritize contracts for your highest cost or most-frequent healthcare needs. By creating your own narrow network of preferred providers, you eliminate the high premiums associated with traditional carrier network pricing.

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What’s best for people—
is best for business.

Types of Direct Contracting Contracts for Health Benefits

Customize direct contracting to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Fee-for-Service
  • Risk-Based Contracts
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Medical Tourism


Use Cases for Direct Contracting in Healthcare

While a growing trend, there could be potential risks. Organizations that tend to do gain the most from direct contracting with health benefits include:

  • Self-Funded Plans
  • Location & Size Parameters
  • Multiple Provider Options
  • Employee Buy-in

Talk with one of our advisors to see if direct contracting your health benefits could work for your organization.

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Contract Directly with Care Providers

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