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Risk Transfer

Protect assets and control insurance costs with more effective contract and certificate management.

Risk Control & Transfer

Transferring risks helps business partners, contractors, and contractors negotiate the responsibility and cost of protection.

Every day companies issue thousands of certificates and receive many more from suppliers and subcontractors. Good planning ensures that liability is assigned to the appropriate party, minimizing your company’s financial vulnerability to unexpected claim costs.

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Types of Risk Transfer

Insurance companies have made many changes to their additional insured forms and have placed the burden on customers to ensure the insurance they’re being provided meets the requirements set forth in the contract.

Whether you’re a contractor who needs timely and accurate certificates to get onto a job site, or you’re a food manufacturer trying to manage the risk of your suppliers around the world, the need for effective contract and certificate management is greater than ever.

We help you review insurance and indemnification provisions in contracts, leases and certificate of insurance requests to ensure you’re meeting the three main goals:

  • Eliminate as many risks as possible
  • Transfer any risks you can
  • Make sure the insurance program is in synch
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Inbound Certificates

Horton works with businesses to outline the most favorable contract language. Horton takes an active role in managing the compliance of your vendors and subcontractors. We can help mitigate your risk while reducing your workload.


Outbound Certificates

For subcontractors, the timely issuance of a certificate is critical, but it’s as important to make sure that you’re not opening yourself up to the potential of further litigation.

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