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OSHA Compliance Assistance

The manner in which an employer handles an OSHA inspection will determine the extent of citations and penalties issued.

Employers have specific rights during an OSHA inspection, but many clients lack familiarity with the process and expose themselves to aggressive enforcement. Horton Safety Consultants understands the OSHA inspection process and has developed excellent working relationships with many of OSHA’s compliance personnel in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

With a deep bench of safety consultants, we can usually respond the same day and assist clients through the inspection process to limit potential compliance liabilities. Following the inspection, we assist clients in limiting the damage, implementing corrective action, and participating in informal and formal proceedings to negotiate on behalf of our clients.

In some instances, our consultants are successful in preventing or eliminating all citations and penalties by establishing the unpreventable employee misconduct defense.

Horton Safety Consultants offers an extensive array of safety training services, encompassing both specialized and general safety training, with exclusive access granted to our valued clients for these exceptional services.

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