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Dental Insurance

There are many insurance options for individuals and families that are designed to offset the costs of important dental care.

Brush Up On Your Dental Insurance Options

The Horton Group offers a variety of health care coverage solutions for individuals and families. Most of these plans have limitations on the number of visits, X-rays and treatments that are covered throughout the year, and some procedures may even be excluded.

Options include:

  • Indemnity plans: These allow you to pick your own dentist and are considered a fee-for-service plan. They come with limitations and co-payment stipulations, meaning that you pay a flat fee for your visit to the dentist and have an annual limit on dental spending coverage. There may also be specific limits for individual procedures.
  • Self-insurance plans: These are similar to indemnity plans, but you may not be able to pick your own dentist.
  • Closed panel plans: These limit you to only a few facilities and dentists to receive care.
    Capitation plans designate certain dentists for a schedule of treatments. Dentists will receive payment regardless of whether the treatment was required.
  • Preferred provider organizations: These limit you to only a few dentists who can provide care at a discounted cost.
  • Dental care service plans: These are groups of dentists who create a nonprofit organization, providing care at set fees.

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The Horton Group is an experienced leader in the employee benefits and health insurance field.  Our team has managed hundreds benefit programs with a focus on keeping our clients costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Horton’s aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management techniques and preventive health initiatives.

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