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Protect Your Family

Family Insurance Plans for Those Who Matter Most

Here to protect your assets, health and well-being. 

Horton's Personal Lines Team

How We Help

Protect Your Livelihood with Personal Insurance Brokers

As you grow, you’ll acquire more and more things you need to protect. With Horton at your side, you can journey through life knowing that those things are safe and secure.

From your family to assets to your well-being, we provide a comprehensive insurance portfolio that keeps you protected today and beyond.

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Inspired by people.

People aren’t basic.
Neither are our policies

People are at the heart of every decision at The Horton Group. Growing intentionally is what ultimately determines which answer is the right one. Here, calls are personally answered, questions are thoughtfully anticipated, risks are responsibly taken and your back—along with that of your family and future—are each covered with care.

As you successfully journey through life, it’s essential your personal insurance evolves to keep up with you. Ensure all your health, assets and financial well-being are protected.

Auto, Home, + Umbrella

The cornerstone of the personal insurance portfolio.

What could be more important than making sure your home is correctly insured and having the liability protection to shelter your assets?

Specialty Coverages

The hobbies, passions, and toys. As you’ve achieved success, you’ve amassed new interests. Ensure these create memories, not headaches.

How confident are you your traditional insurance program adequately understands and covers the risk they post?

Life + Health

Ensuring that the people you love and care for are adequately protected is the most important thing one can do.

As you grow, so does the complexity of your personal financial portfolio and the legacy you leave.

Private Client

As you foster your success, you face a unique set of risks.

We’ll design a plan specific to your needs, navigating each complexity with careful attention.

“Great client support, amazingly responsive, creative solutions. GOOD HUMANS.”

What We Do

Protect What Matters Most With Comprehensive Personal Insurance

Most insurance products are the same. What’s different is your coverage — and the relationships that get you there. We’ll help you create a personal insurance coverage plan that protects what matters most.

Learn More About Personal Insurance Consulting

safety consulting

Protect Your Property

From company cars to commercial property, we’ll help you cover the property that keeps your business running.

discovery strategy

Mitigate Risk

Risk is inherent to business. Learn how to transfer risk and use commercial insurance to minimize your overall risk profile.

health wellness

Reduce Liability

Do you know what your liabilities are? Let’s identify the liabilities you have and work together to create a mitigation plan.

financial consulting

Safeguard Financials

Most businesses are either over- or under-insured. Protect your assets and financials with coverage that protects you and fits your budget.

Personal Insurance Products

Personal Insurance For Your Assets, Health and Wellbeing

Explore our comprehensive personal insurance coverage products. Don’t see what you need? Reach out to an advisor today — chances are we can make a plan together.

We love how the Horton Group pro-actively reviews our policies every year and then reaches out to us if there are better home/auto packages that are less expensive and still fits our needs!

Secure Your Assets. Protect Your Health.

Work with compassionate personal insurance brokers to get the guidance you need to protect what matters most.

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Rob Samuels, Vice President | Horton Personal Insurance