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Predictive Safety Analytics

Horton’s predictive analytics platform compiles data from multiple sources to provide employers with actionable information to predict and prevent workplace injuries improving safety outcomes

About Predictive Analytics

Utilize a proactive approach and make employees safer by changing the way safety observations and audits are performed and create value in the data collected.

Predictive modeling can predict, and prevent, accidents before they happen. In addition to saving lives, the predictive modeling approach to safety audits can also save time, money, and increase efficiency.


What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics uses algorithms founded on solid safety principles to make the data collected during safety observations and audits actionable.

Observations of both safe and at risk behaviors and conditions are compiled and translated into red flags that warn of the likelihood of an injury with 87% accuracy.

Horton Safety Consultants offers an extensive array of safety training services, encompassing both specialized and general safety training, with exclusive access granted to our valued clients for these exceptional services.


Traditional Challenges With Safety Observations…

Safety professionals and management are tasked with the challenge of consistently improving their safety cultures and eliminating workplace injuries, however the data collected is poor quality, disparate and / or unactionable.

  • Inconsistent data collection methods
  • Inability to aggregate observations
  • No comparison available vs. others in industry
  • Too many “100% Safe Observations” = Unrealistic; “Flying Blind”
  • Too many “Very Poor” observations = often focusing on the wrong things
  • Lack a model and method to predict future risk
  • Weak safety culture
  • Reactive approach to safety
  • Safety program has plateaued
  • Existing data can’t be trusted

“I want you to feel comfortable in knowing that we can help you with your organization’s safety program.”

Chris Pfeiffer is an experienced safety and health professional with extensive knowledge of construction and general industry compliance requirements and best practices.

How An Innovative Approach to Safety Through Analytics is the Future of Higher Performance

safety consulting


Established collection method of observations = Useful Information


Comparison of useful information to see how you rank vs. peer group

unique claims


Amassing information allows use of data on past performance to predict future accidents

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