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About Horton Group

An Insurance Brokerage Firm

People aren’t basic. Neither are our policies.

Specializing in turning your risks into competitive advantages.

Since 1971

Finding The Opportunities Within The Risks

Growing what’s good for businesses, employees and everyday people.

What started as a small family business has grown into an industry-leading insurance brokerage firm. What drives our success? Our people.

Whether you’re our client or our team member, we never play it too safe to keep you safe. We will help you develop a plan addressing the issues above and anticipate more challenges you may face, so we can tackle them together.

Explore our History

Horton employee with his arms crossed speaking with a co-worker in a Horton breakout room setting

About Us

The Horton Story

Inspired by people. Growing what’s good.

People are at the center of all we do at The Horton Group, and they have been since we were founded in 1971.

Here, growth sets the agenda for our clients and our team members. When we talk about growth, we’re not talking about the ‘top line.’ We’re talking about growing a better business. Growing our capabilities to make a difference for our clients. Enabling the growth of what you’ve worked so hard for: your business, your people and your net worth.

We get it – you’re not just searching for an insurance broker.

You’re looking for a partner. One who cares and promises to always have your back versus just putting a policy in place.

We have the curiosity to answer unasked questions and the fire to respond quickly. We have the care to explore the unconventional, pushing you to a better outcome. We have the experience to recognize the right risks to take and anticipate roadblocks before they become setbacks. These characteristics will result in outcomes that are worthy of your trust.

Horton team
Horton's Star Island Insurance Team

Horton is owned by the people who work inside the business each and every day.

This means we know how you want to feel taken care of. We know what it feels like to want someone to ‘go to the mat’ and handle challenges with urgency. We know how it feels when someone does the right thing for you. This is why we invest in relationships, care unconventionally and remain purposefully driven.

When we put all this together, it becomes possible to build an organization where our clients and team members are energized by the chance to work together. It’s how we help you, your employees and your business grow what’s good.

What You Can Expect From Our Insurance Brokerage Firm

People-Focused. Excellence-Driven.

We’re a group of dedicated individuals who come together to secure lasting growth for every client we encounter. That’s achieved by going beyond a signed policy.

Our team of compassionate brokers assess and walk clients through solutions, coverage and carriers who fit their individual needs.

Meet The Team

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Our Culture

A Shared Vision For Success, Legacy and Doing Good Things

Culture is created by people with shared vision. At Horton, that vision includes a commitment to ensuring our partners’ and people’s needs are consistently met. From everyday moments to more strategic milestones, we develop a caretaking and protective approach to enable and empower our people to thrive and grow.

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Horton’s Helping Hands

Investing Our Time, Talent, and Treasures

To help our community thrive.

$81,000 and counting has been invested into community charities through Horton’s Helping Hands. Our employee funded charity is a company wide effort to impact and unite our community in a meaningful way.

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People First Insurance Brokers

Find out how our services can assist you in becoming better prepared and protected for what comes next.

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