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Private Client Group

Insurance for Successful Individuals and Families

You have a lot to protect and we have the expertise to create the insurance portfolio you need to do so. 

Private Client Insurance Coverage

Protect your current assets and have to the coverage to grow.

The Horton Private Client Group is more than insurance, it’s more than a group of policies. It’s personal risk management – a portfolio designed for your unique mix of assets.
Over the past decade, managing the intricate, emerging risks of successful individuals and families have become far more complex. As one of the top 50 largest brokers in the U.S., we have access to sophisticated property and liability insurance products and solutions tailored to address the unique needs of our clients.

Our clients’ complex insurance needs include:

  • Owning custom homes in multiple locations, both domestically and abroad
  • Having significant collections of jewelry, fine art, or other valuables
  • Owning properties in areas prone to catastrophic loss (e.g. earthquake, flood, landslide, wildfire)
  • Owning luxury, antique, or exotic automobiles
  • Owning or operating personal aircraft, luxury yachts, or other watercraft
  • Serving on a nonprofit board as a director or officer
  • Traveling both domestically and abroad
  • Owning horses, ranches, or farms
  • Employing domestic staff or contractors
  • Owning or co-owning property in a trust, LLC, or other entity
  • Requiring excess (umbrella) liability insurance limits of $5 million to $100 million
  • And so much more…

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Complete Insurance Strategies For Successful Individuals and Families

Our job is done when your assets are fully protected.

Finding the right Private Client insurance for your lifestyle can be complicated but your experience with our brokers won’t be. We go beyond insurance to uncover your unique risks and develop strategies that keep you and your assets protected.

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Beyond Insurance – Risk Strategies

Protecting your lifestyle goes beyond insuring your home and cars. It’s all the intricate details of your everyday life we uncover, assess, and protect – yes, it’s complicated.

There are many layers that traditional insurance brokers fail to uncover and therefore cannot protect against.

Benefits of the Horton’s Private Client Group: 

  • Expertise in identifying, assessing, and mitigating losses to tangible assets and protecting personal wealth from liability exposures
  • Unbiased guidance to our clients in all aspects of their personal risk management portfolio
  • Client advocacy through customized insurance and risk management analysis
  • Exclusive access to proprietary collections and excess liability coverage nationally through our Assurex Global partnership
  • Access to sophisticated personal insurance carriers that offer specialty products and personal risk management solutions

When you join Private Client Group, you not only gain access to our Personal Risk Advisors and the top sophisticated carriers worldwide, you also get the Horton Experience, including a dedicated service team.

Collection Coverage

Have A Passion? There’s A Chance It Should Be Protected

You’ve earned the lifestyle you have, make sure it’s protected with collection insurance coverage that ranges from wine collection, aircrafts, and even equines. Get the protection you need to enjoy life worry-free. 

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Insurance Solutions

A Sophisticated Portfolio Designed To Meet Your Needs

That’s what we guarantee.

Our advisors have years of experience partnering with high earning individuals and families to manage the complex risks they face. When you hand your assets over to Horton, you’ll be putting them in the hands of experts who can find the best solutions to protect what matters most.

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Your Assets Should Be Protected

And Horton is here to ensure that they are. Work with compassionate brokers who go above and beyond to find the best high-net-worth insurance solutions you need. 

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