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Safety Consulting Services

Keeping employees safe should be a priority for every business. Today, that’s more challenging than ever.

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Safety is critical to driving down your cost, workload, and risk

Certain violations, even the appearance of such violations, especially in trenching and excavating on an underground, could destroy a contractors OSHA compliance history, therefore, resulting in lost business opportunities and fines as much as $127,000. Quick acting team member, Kyle Ricely, reduced the penalty by 50%.

Horton Safety Consultants offers an extensive array of safety training services, encompassing both specialized and general safety training, with exclusive access granted to our valued clients for these exceptional services.

What We Offer

Get Compliant with our Safety Consulting Services

Third-party compliance services who request documentation of safety programs place an incredible burden on companies to comply.

And oftentimes it’s with what seems to be ridiculous requirements.

Large general contractors are more stringent than ever at making sure those who work on their behalf maintain an aggressive stance towards safety. Need some help?

I want you to feel comfortable in knowing that we can help you with your organization’s safety program. Send me a message and let’s work to get your organization compliant. It’s time to ensure the safety of your workers.

Employee Safety

Innovating a Higher Level of Performance

Safety programs are about the preservation of life and health, not the mechanical execution of programs and strategies.

Build on what is in place to redefine what is possible with your insurance, safety and employee benefits programs. Going beyond traditional insurance programs, focusing on culture and company accountability can further drive superior performance in the area of employee safety.

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Horton is more than a broker to us.

They are our advocate to insurance companies out there, our safety consultants, our wellness advisors and so much more. I can’t think of being without them.


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