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Employee Benefits Analytics

Reduce costs using data that helps you make better decisions for you and your employees.
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How Do You Know What You Need Without The Data Behind It?

The key to Employee Benefits analytics is to discover where there are gaps and costs in the plan. Then, you can really dive into the cost drivers, whether they are claims experience, workforce demographics, plan design or a combination of multiple factors. Every decision we make is based on what your data is telling us. At Horton, you’ll have a team of experts at your side to:

  • Assess underwriting and specialty pharmacy
  • Perform contribution modeling on benchmarking
  • Enhance engagement in your health plan
  • Determine the right strategy for you based on costs and your population

Use Data To Drive Decisions That Matter

Partner with experts who understand what it takes to ensure you and your employees are protected.

Let Data Guide Your Growth

Using employee benefits analytics to find new opportunities.

How well is your current plan operating? It’s ok if you don’t have the answer, because we do. With employee benefits analytics you can find the gaps in your plan that cut costs, optimize growth and engagement.

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Employee Benefits Analytics That Prioritizes Your People

Ensure your employees are well taken care of.

In partnership with Springbuk, a health data analytics tool, we uncover savings opportunities and the health concerns your employees are facing based on factors like the prevalence of chronic conditions and gaps in care.

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Wellness Solutions

Whether your group is fully-insured or self-funded, we have the innovative wellness solutions and clinical strategies to improve your employees health and well-being.

To learn more, talk to our wellness service team today.

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