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Nonprofit Insurance Coverage – Protection for Organizations

Our Nonprofits are dedicated to their mission. We are equally driven to ensure our Nonprofit clients are properly covered and insured for any situation. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances derail your nonprofit’s mission.

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Nonprofit Insurance Expert Robin Bettenhausen

About Horton’s Nonprofit Practice Group

Since 2002, Horton’s Nonprofit Practice has dedicated its mission to help our clients grow what’s good. Today, over 200 nonprofit agencies partner with Horton to take their insurance and employee benefits programs to a higher level of performance. Comprised of sound risk management, innovative employee benefits solutions, and industry-leading safety, wellness, and risk transfer strategies, agencies have the tools at their fingertips to control their destiny.


As a nonprofit, you deal with relentless challenges, including fundraising, funding, employee safety, recruitment, and mental health habits. The missions you strive to fulfill are continuously challenged by these obstacles daily. You have specific risks that our specialized practice of insurance advisors are prepared to help you mitigate and turn into opportunities.


You serve everyone in need from animals, to children, the elderly, less fortunate, and the disabled – the list goes onward. Your business faces emerging challenges of long-term sustainability, cybersecurity, contingency and talent development, cost containment, and many more.

While your community’s needs will continue to evolve, your agency’s missions and practices must evolve with them. Whether your agency is on the brink of expansion or has an established core mission with industry-leading operations, Horton’s Nonprofit team has 18 years of experience with your peers, allowing swift navigation of the employee benefits and risk management markets.

While this attribute is practically impossible to quantify, we can validate it through our three-pillared mission: to be successful, good, and passed to future generations. Good is defined as creating a workplace filled with opportunities to make the lives of employees better. We are good for agencies like yours by partnering with you to achieve a long-term strategic plan, lowered costs, and happier employees.


Inspired by people.

NonProfits we insure

We all believe when we put people first and
grow intentionally we create better outcomes
for everyone.

Human Services

Family services, child daycare, YWCAs, emergency services, senior centers, and hospices

Mental Health/Crisis Intervention

Outpatient or residential counseling for disorders and addictions including treatment and rehabilitation

Group Housing

Housing for the mentally and developmentally disabled, homeless shelters, transitional housing, and family violence shelters


Preschools, charter schools, private elementary, secondary  and  post-secondary schools

Religious Organizations and Institutions

Churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques

Food and Nutrition

Food banks, food pantries, meals on wheels, congregate meals, and nutrition programs

Arts & Culture

Cultural and ethnic awareness groups, performing arts schools, art education, theatre, singing, and choral groups

Youth Services

Boys & girls clubs, girl scouts, youth development programs, youth centers, and community service clubs


Parks, recreational camps, clubs and parks, Special Olympics and community recreation centers

The responsiveness of staff both for Workers’ Compensation and Health Insurance is excellent. The training provided at no charge is an added bonus.”

D&O Insurance for NonProfit Board of Directors

Discover the importance of Directors & Officers Insurance for nonprofit boards, their roles, risks, and why this coverage is essential.

Nonprofit Insurance Expert Robin Bettenhausen

Getting Acquainted with

Nonprofit Insurance

Imagine you’re driving a car (your nonprofit) along a rocky road (the unpredictable business world). Wouldn’t you prefer to have a solid insurance policy (financial protection) rather than leaving your car exposed to potential damage?

Similar to auto insurance, nonprofits need insurance policies to mitigate potential risks and protect their employees. They ensure your nonprofit can carry on with its mission no matter what.

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People are at the center of all we do at The Horton Group. And have been since 1971. Which means we get it: you’re not searching for an insurance broker. You’re looking for a partner. One who actually does care and promises to always have your back versus just putting a policy in place. Here your growth sets the agenda. One that’s pursued with a tenacity that proves it’s taken personally. You’ll find we have the curiosity to answer the unasked questions. The fire to respond quickly. The drive to explore the unconventional. The experience to recognize the right risks to take.

And a skill for anticipating roadblocks before they become setbacks. It’s all in service of outcomes that are worthy of your hard work.

“Our Horton team is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, experienced and professional.

They are on top of all the legal changes and keep us informed. They provide excellent training in HR and numerous legal requirements.”

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