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Gain a competitive advantage streamline and automate compliance with TrustLayer. We make it easy to track third-party compliance and decrease risk.

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What Customers Can Achieve with our Third-Party Compliance Service:

  • Easy Vendor Compliance: Collect, verify, and, manage new/expired Certificates of Insurance, W9, and other required licenses
  • Business Partner Risk Visibility: Have complete visibility into vendor compliance with access to our compliance dashboard summarizing each party’s status.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Automate compliance workflows to minimize repetitive, manual admin tasks, and concentrate on revenue-generating activities.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Accelerate business transactions, while also decreasing loss ratios due to fraud and manual errors.
  • Efficient Collaboration: Collaborate with all stakeholders in real-time on vendor compliance tasks to efficiently reduce vendor risk.

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Onboarding Process

The onboarding process begins with a kick-off call where key stakeholders are introduced and your TrustLayer Customer Success Manager learns more about your business. During the call, pertinent details about the implementation will be discussed such as: Number of parties to be tracked, insurance requirements, and other aspects about the business.

If document migration is required, TrustLayer will upload the provided data onto the platform during the data import phase; which will be confirmed on the Data Approval Call. Once all the data is uploaded and approved, full platform training for all necessary staff will take place. When your team is ready, a Go Live call will end the onboarding process.

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Onboarding Kickoff Call

Scheduling of the kickoff call begins 1-2 days after agreements are finalized.

risk assessments

Data Import

Data import timelines vary based on amount of data; typically 1-3 weeks.

special instructions

Data Approval Call

Data approval call is scheduled once data import & config are done.

Platform Training

Platform training is scheduled at the end of the data approval call.


Go live typically takes place 1 week after platform training.

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A Few Words About TrustLayer

The TrustLayer platform has made the process of compiling insurance information for our vendors very efficient.

“The TrustLayer platform has made the process of compiling insurance information for our vendors very efficient.It streamlined how we contact vendors and created one space for housing certificates and all the necessary documents we keep for our vendors, including contracts and W9.”

– Bri Veasey, Accounting Manager / Grenadier Homes

TrustLayer handles all my insurance verification now and does a fantastic job.

“My company works with roofing contractors across the country. The gathering and verifying of insurance is a major undertaking. TrustLayer handles all my insurance verification now and does a fantastic job. They’ve already proven their worth several times over and I no longer worry about contractor insurance compliance or fraud. Plus, the amount of time and aggravation that they save frees my staff up to work on more profitable endeavors.”

– Richard Nelson, CEO / Roof

We wish we starting using TrustLayer sooner!

“TrustLayer helps SF Supermarkets manage vendors and tenants across its 15 locations in the western U.S. Our staff at the different markets would struggle collecting this information from our stall shop tenants. Now, we’ve automated our document request communications which has helped management save time and increase submission and compliance rates. The TrustLayer team was extremely helpful and patient when setting up the platform for us. We wish we starting using TrustLayer sooner!”

– Huy Trieu, President / SF Supermarkets

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