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Welding & Gas Insurance

As your business grows, both the risks and rewards become greater.

Horton offers coverage and advice that can suit your business today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Gas and Welding Insurance

Welding & Gas Insurance

Experience Nationwide

The Horton Group provides business insurance to more industrial gas and welding supply distributors than any other independent insurance agency in the U.S.

Understanding that your business’ longevity depends on the choices made today is crucial to maintaining relevance in such a competitive atmosphere. Horton has been recognized as the premier business insurance broker, serving the welding & gas industry since 1987.

The Horton Group has extensive experience delivering innovative business insurance and risk management solutions to welding & gas distributors throughout the United States. We serve GAWDA, IWDC, AIWD and other members of the gas & welding supply industry from coast-to-coast, both distributors and suppliers.

We hired Horton after working with a local agent for many years. Ultimately, ILMO came to the conclusion that we needed industry expertise. The welding & gas specific insights and tailored service Horton brings to the table is unmatched and their response time is amazing, always getting me what I need, when I need it.

Gas and Welding Distributors Insurance Program

Welding & Gas Insurance

Specialized Coverage

  • Escaped Gas Endorsement
  • Welding Fume Coverage
  • MCS-90: Including Auto Broad Form Pollution
  • Property Coverage for cylinders, bulk tanks, and hard goods while onsite, in transit, or at a customer’s location

Tony Hopkins is our agent – he and The Horton Group are very involved with welding distributors, specifically the IWDC. Tony has spoke at IWDC events and I have found him to be very knowledgeable when dealing with the big gas companies regarding contract language, specifically indemnity issues. His insight was invaluable during our last negotiation, which helped us get fair language in our contract.

Understanding Your Insurance

The Welding and Gas industry is full of risk and potential liabilities.

Selecting insurance limits can often times be challenging and nerve-racking, especially in your industry, as it forces you to predict the future. Selecting the wrong limits could put you out of business or in a bad financial situation. We have the ability to conduct a peer analysis, benchmarking your limits against distributors of similar size to assist you in making the right choice for your business.

Horton has been our agent for over 25 years and has become an invaluable part of our organization. We know we can count on The Horton Group to be there when we need them. Our service team has dedicated themselves to the success of our business and the entire industry. With memberships in GAWDA, AIWD, ISBT and AWS, Horton has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and always puts the needs of their clients first.

Horton Welding Practice Advantage

Our capabilities range from securing basic insurance coverage to overseeing comprehensive risk management programs, while providing advanced, specialized services including:

  • Benchmarking (limits, rates and loss data)
  • Contract review (major gas supplier, customer, supplier/vendor, manufacturer, lease, contractor)
  • Specialized coverage for the industry
  • Risk identification & prioritization (risk mapping)
  • Safety assessments
  • Online risk management portals (safety documents, tools, and training)
  • Claims management
  • M&A due diligence & integration assessments
  • Experience (we work with over 100 industry distributors and suppliers)
  • Industry involvement (GAWDA, IWDC, AIWD and more – we KNOW your business)

I have been involved in risk management in our industry since 1996. I have had the privilege of working with Horton over the past 12 years and it’s clear that they know our industry well. In addition to the traditional insurance coverages that they negotiate on AWG’s behalf, they always keep us updated on industry trends and help us with our acquisitions, contracts, safety policies and cost efficient ways to decrease our risk. They are truly part of our risk management team!

welding professional

Welding & Gas Insurance

Issues to Watch

The more you know about what lies ahead, the more you can prepare for tomorrow. Be prepared to find risks and opportunities by following emerging trends.

We’ve compiled a list of critical issues and topics for executives to keep on their radar for this calendar year. From continued political gridlock to rising healthcare costs, know what matters today and beyond.

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Gas & Welding Insurance

Generational Benefit Plan Selection

A war for talent is underway as unemployment falls, baby boomers near retirement and many industries experience a shortage for skilled labor in many trades. With an opportunity to attract and retain employees, benefits play a key role in boosting employee loyalty.

But with increasing benefits, employers also think they have to increase costs. Maybe not. Maybe there is a better way to recognize the different preferences of each generation of employee and design a program that not only is cost effective, but gets to the heart of what is most important for them.

gas and welding employee benefits generational

From our producer Will Cray to the service team of John Cordan and Patti, both the advisory and administrative functions have been excellent.

Horton hires smart people, allowing them to focus on certain SIC codes and incentivizes them to serve current clients. Most of their competitors have not figured out this cocktail.