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Add value for your members with purchasing groups for associations.

Benefits of Purchasing Groups for Your Association

Use group purchasing to access better employee benefits.

Leverage economies of scale with a purchasing group. You’ll increase your purchasing power, develop better efficiencies and often gain discounts reserved only for larger organizations — by grouping together.

With a purchasing group for your association, you usually have access to lower priced programs that still deliver the high quality benefits your membership organizations demand.

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Grow your association membership with valuable group purchasing options.

Who Qualifies for Association Group Purchasing?

Association groups include a vast range of organizations that bond together to leverage the law of large numbers.

  • Municipalities
  • Industry Associations
  • Professional Groups

Not sure your association qualifies? Reach out to our team to see how you might be able to use association group purchasing to access better employee benefit programs.


Why Use a Purchasing Group for Associations? Better prices. Better benefits.

Your association joins together smaller organizations which then, as a group, buy health insurance or other employee benefits.

This adds value to your membership. With an Association Plan, everyone is on the same plan — your association members have the same rates, enter the same risk pool, and access the same exact benefits programs.


The Difference Between Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Purchasing Group

You’d be forgiven for thinking a GPO and Purchasing Group are the same thing.

A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) specializes in group purchasing for others. It’s an organization that purchases in bulk for itself or others.

A Purchasing Group is any set of smaller individuals or entities that have other services or offerings and leverage group purchasing to bring down costs.

We help you use both.

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Grow Association Membership with Group Purchasing Options

We’ll help you access the benefits of group purchasing to increase your association’s buying power in the employee benefits marketplace.

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