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Plastic Goods Manufacturing Insurance

Through its innovative solutions, capabilities, and international reach, plastic goods manufacturing is a highly competitive industry.

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You depend on your equipment, materials, technology and employees to run your business. So what happens when the unexpected happens? That is where the Horton Group comes in. We are here to help you analyze your current, future, and anticipated risks. We want to safeguard you against risks with our plastic goods manufacturing insurance.

Plastic goods manufacturers are responsible for transforming raw materials into essential materials for everyday life. Between each layer of every plastic sheet and packed into every delivery is a range of challenges distinctive to the industry.

Through the innovation and current expansion of the industry, we provide you with coverages that respond to the multifaceted set of exposures and emerging risks that are unique to the industry.

Being a plastics manufacturer, you have to constantly be aware of and be prepared for the cost of environmental compliance, risks of power supply interruption, oil prices, equipment breakdown, pricing challenges, evolving international trade regulations, your employees and more.

Every day, your company is threatened with risks that could shut down your business and disrupt your client’s needs. Having the support of a plastic goods manufacturing insurance firm can save you from potential risks and make sure your business is safe and secure. Our goal is to offer you the best insurance so that you can continue to thrive in the plastic goods manufacturing industry.

Key Plastic Goods Manufacturers Insurance Coverages

General Liability

  • Limits to $1M each occurrence/$3M aggregate
  • Employees, Volunteers, and Insureds
  • Abuse and Molestation coverage
  • Blanket additional insured for funding sources and landlords
  • Medical payments for volunteers included
  • Thirty-three additional coverage/extensions


  • Blanket limits available
  • Special Causes of Loss coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown coverage
  • Agreed Amount available with a signed statement of values/property appraisal
  • Forty-two additional coverage/extensions
  • Ordinance or Law coverage – included up to building limit

Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Large Excess Limits available


  • Owned/non-owned/hired auto
  • Employees and Volunteers as Insurance coverage
  • Hired car physical damage

Crime and Fidelity

  • Employee Theft/Forgery
  • Money and Securities

Directors & Officers Liability

  • Defense costs in addition to the Limit of Liability
  • Most favorable venue wording for punitive, multiple or exemplary damages

Professional Liability

  • Covers students in training
  • Occurrence or claims-made forms available
  • Separate coverage part so no erosion of General Liability aggregate limit
  • Primary or contingent liability included for employed, contracted, or volunteer physicians and dentist

Employee Benefits Solutions for Plastic Goods Manufacturers

The Horton Group specializes in Employee Benefits solutions for manufacturers. We apply insight and experience to drive more value and deliver better outcomes from your benefit programs, resulting in improved control and program costs. We are an experienced leader in the employee benefits and health insurance field. Our team has managed hundreds of benefit programs with a focus on keeping our clients’ costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers.

Core Service Areas

  1. Strategy
  2. Employee Communications
  3. HR Administrative Support & Service
  4. Wellness
  5. Retirement Planning and Financial Wellness

These core service areas represent the foundational strategic components of properly servicing a modern employee benefits program.


Strategy consists of developing a 3-5 year plan predicated on your company’s human capital goals and challenges. This is the starting point for us in any engagement – it assures that both Horton and the plastic goods manufacturer maintain consensus with the purpose and direction of the program.

Employee Communications

Employee Communications consists of our subjective and strategic initiatives. We believe that better health-educated employees will result in better risks to your health plan, and we work to actively inform employees on the best use of healthcare and benefits. This also includes all open enrollment-related services for plastic goods manufacturers, such as hosting and distributing presentations, webinars and onsite visits, to ensure employees (as well as their dependents) are in the best position to make decisions about their benefits. This includes custom benefit guides, compensation statements and unhindered access to our staff of professionals to navigate their benefit selections and enrollments best.

HR Administrative Support

HR Administrative Support reflects a common phrase at Horton: we want you to view us as an extension of your HR team. There are countless challenges brought on in modern healthcare and employee benefits that we gladly absorb on behalf of our clients. Combined with your industry, these challenges become more significant. It starts with Basic Service. Refer the problems to us to resolve the bigger issues, so we can help prevent them in the future. Also, our HR Administrative Support category includes managing enrollment, quarterbacking employee-life-cycle workflows, interfacing with payroll and related vendors, and countless other functions typically absorbed by the modern HR department.


We are heavily invested in wellness because we understand that a healthy and engaged workforce is a productive workforce. We also immensely emphasize the importance of identifying conditions at their earliest stage. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there is no area more evident of this truism than wellness. Our team of wellness professionals serves as ongoing advisors regarding your company’s wellness approach. Beyond assistance with biometric screenings and lunch and learns, our services focus on integrating wellness that directly affects the plastic goods manufacturer’s approach to risk transfer and risk management. Ultimately, our internal wellness team serves as an additional arm of our client’s wellness initiatives. They will work with you to achieve successful results and offer various services, from basic program design to establishing program metrics.

Retirement Planning and Financial Wellness

Retirement Planning and Financial Wellness is a service we offer through our integrated Retirement advisors, Cerity Partners. This is a sincerely unique service offering in our industry, as Cerity has a dual specialty in retirement compliance and planning. Cerity actively mitigates plan sponsor Fiduciary Liability while routinely lowering the retirement-based administrative costs by focusing strategies around independent, institutional funds generally not offered by retail-based retirement advisors. We have partnered with Cerity on the premise that retirement challenges and needs have grown in tandem with similar issues in healthcare.  In other words, we promote the concept of Financial Wellness in the same light as Physical Wellness.

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