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Employee Benefit Solutions: Get Insight From Our Experts

Meet the needs of your employees with solutions that prioritize their health.

Show how much you value your team with well-rounded and competitive employee benefits solutions.
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Employee Benefit Experts Jen Tverdek and Jonathan Reinecke

Stay Ahead Of Risks With The Best Employee Benefits Solutions

You don’t have to balance a budget and the needs of your employee alone. Our advisors are here to find benefits solutions that engage your employees and members while cutting costs that hinder your growth.

We apply insight and experience to drive more value and deliver better outcomes from your benefit programs, resulting in improved control and program costs.

The Horton Group is an experienced leader in the employee benefits and health insurance field. Our team has managed hundreds benefit programs with a focus on keeping our clients costs below comparable levels experienced by other employers. Horton’s aggressive management technique includes a number of internal medical management techniques and preventive health initiatives.

As employee benefits continue to evolve, the Horton Group has remained ahead of the game. With leading-edge technology, we are able to obtain meaningful information that helps us evaluate cost drivers, trends, and savings opportunities associated with our clients’ medical benefits. In addition, we work to evaluate the impact of various plan administration and management initiatives, forecast the impact of future plan changes and offer solutions to keep their benefit package attractive to current and potential new employees.

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As an HR team of one, I rely heavily on my resources.

Whether it is questions, helping with open enrollment, assisting with a carrier issue, or finding the best benefits package for our employees, I can count on Ryan and Heather to get the information and/or help I need.


Do You Understand All Of The Risks You Face?

Keeping your employees protected goes beyond health benefits. Understanding the risks your business faces on all fronts ensures your business stays protected from anything that can compromise your growth.

Protect Your Business

Our account is handled very well from a sales standpoint.

I think our agents do a great job marketing our business and push to sell our story in order to get us the best coverage that meets our needs.

Wellness Solutions

Whether your group is fully-insured or self-funded, we have the innovative wellness solutions and clinical strategies to improve your employees health and well-being.

To learn more, talk to our wellness service team today.

Show How Much You Value Your Team

Are your employee benefits outdated? Update them with well-rounded and competitive employee benefits solutions.

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Jon Schulte, Small Group Benefits Expert