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Manufacturing & Distribution Insurance

Family-owned businesses face a number of challenges from aging populations, succession issues, changing dynamics within and outside the organization to wearing multiple hats. Manufacturers have unique risks that our team of insurance experts are prepared to navigate.

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Specializing in Family-Owned Manufacturers

Manufacturers have a lot to worry about; those that construct a plan to turn their risks into opportunity will thrive in this age. With both the P&C and Employee Benefits market in states of contraction, hardening, and rate increases, you face challenges in your walls: succession, future strategy, and talent acquisition and development. In both of these areas, as challenges arise, so do opportunities to take them on.

This is where The Horton Group can assist your organization with its goals to drive down cost, workload, and risk.

The Horton Difference

A Team You Can Trust

As family-owned, privately-held businesses grow, their complexity increases. This drives organizations to adopt more formal processes and policies to support their long-term health.

The Horton Group brings a unique perspective to the planning process – we are also a family-owned, privately held business, which means we truly understand the evolution needed to propel an organization to their goals. Whether your business has a leadership change in the forefront or rearview, our team is familiar with the disruptions that come with changing generations within the workforce, management, and executive leadership.

One of our core values – to be good for our clients, employees, and communities – rings true with many family and privately-owned organizations like yours. Guiding principles, coupled with a foundational strategy to move the business forward, are the only hope for your future success.

We know that most broker partners can provide similar services and solutions, but life with Horton is different, and our employees state it when they share their favorite aspect of the agency: “It’s like one big family.” We’re here to help keep your family business proud and prosper today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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We Understand the Bigger Picture

Much like the business’s strategic plan, an all-encompassing insurance assessment for your specific exposures should be aligned with that strategic plan. A bad acquisition is a quick way to negatively impact your business’s financials, operations, and corporate culture. Having a risk management and insurance diligence process will not reduce this risk in its entirety but will help meet the fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders.

There are likely coverage enhancements that could be added to your programs, but most of them come at an additional cost. A proper evaluation of cost/benefit should be done first. At Horton, we work with all clients to get indications on various add-on coverages to ensure the best decision putting you through lengthy applications.


Family-Owned Manufacturers Insurance

The Horton Group has a number of coverages to help you understand and mitigate risk, keep your business and employees safe and well.

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Risk Advisory

  • Commercial Insurance Solutions
  • Coverage Gap Analysis
  • Tail Coverage Consultation for all Claims Made Policies
  • Collateral Analysis for Large Deductible and Captive Programs
  • Surety Program Consultation
  • Rep & Warranty Consultation and Insurance Procurement
  • Benchmarking of Risks and Limits as Operations Grow
  • Claims Analysis and Advocacy
  • OSHA Analysis and Safety Consulting

Safety Consulting

  • Safety Program Development
  • Training Services including Illinois SB 75 Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace COVID-19 Consulting Services
  • Safety Program and Risk Assessments
  • Cost Reduction Services
  • Safety Observations & Audits
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Pre-Employment Strength Testing

Wellness Solutions

  • Comprehensive wellness programing, including biometric screenings
  • Population Health Management
  • VirginPulse

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