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Group Purchasing

Reduce risk and cost by leveraging the law of large numbers and group purchasing options.

Put the Law of Large Numbers to Work

Group purchasing is a way for smaller businesses to use collective purchasing power to secure lower prices. By sharing cost and liability, you decrease your overall risk. Join with your peers to make a group that is highly attractive to insurance carriers — and improve your leverage in negotiations.

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Purchasing Groups for Associations

Add value for your members with purchasing groups. Group purchasing lets you join with other businesses that share similar risk profiles to leverage an equity-based association plan.

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Health insurance might be your biggest line item. Use group purchasing to minimize that cost.

Alternative Funding: Group Purchasing Options

Use alternative funding options to manage benefits for your employees.

Alternative funding is a subset of group purchasing that gives you flexibility as you manage benefits like medical or life insurance.

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Employee Benefit Captives

Derisk your benefits plan by leveraging the law of large numbers by teaming up with other organizations of a similar size to group your employees together.

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Self-Funded Medical Insurance

Eliminate excess costs and gain more flexibility with your business capital by leveraging self-funded medical insurance.

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Direct Contracting

Establish a one-to-one relationship with a health system. This is ideal for organizations with a known, limited risk pool as it does place more ownership on you.

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Featured Resource

Balancing Self-Funded with Stop Loss Insurance Plans

Companies often turn to self-funded health insurance plans to reduce costs. But larger-than-expected claims the employer might face could negate any savings employers anticipate over the cost of a fully insured plan.

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Learn About Captives and Stop-Loss Captives

Captives and stop loss captives are subtypes of group purchasing.

Group purchasing refers to the conceptual framework of joining a network and leveraging a group identity to purchase — insurance, supplies, materials, and more.

Stop-loss captives offer a stop-gap measure — a cap — so that your costs never extend far beyond what you can manage.

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Wellness Solutions

Whether your group is fully-insured or self-funded, we have the innovative wellness solutions and clinical strategies to improve your employees health and well-being.

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Gain leverage when negotiating with insurance carriers using group purchasing.

Access all the benefits larger organizations gain by using group purchasing for your employee benefits.

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