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Horton’s Multiemployer Practice

Multiemployer Consulting Solutions

A partner specializing in unique and flexible strategies to support multiemployer health and retirement plans.

Our approach? Listening and following through.

Complex plans with creative, cost-effective solutions.

Managing a healthcare plan is complicated. Add in pension plans, and complicated is an understatement. That’s why we are here. Our team has the expertise and experience to bring all the pieces together and deliver quality benefits and retirement solutions.

Health Benefits Consulting

  • Multi-year financial projections for plan costs
  • COBRA rate calculations
  • Historical experience reporting and claims evaluation
  • Vendor management
  • Plan design strategies and pricing
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Compliance assistance

Retirement Benefits Consulting

  • Actuarial and Withdrawal Liability Valuations
  • PPA Zone Certifications
  • Funding Projections with Stress-Tests
  • Investment Experience and Outlook
  • Plan Design Changes, Modeling and Pricing
  • Compliance Assistance

Property & Casualty Insurance Solutions

For over 50 years, we have been advising and brokering Multiemployer Funds, Union Contractors, Local Union Halls and JATC’s insurance programs. We have the industry knowledge, carrier relationships, competitive premiums, and expertise to provide Labor & Management Trustees, Fund Administrators, Attorneys, and Local Union Officials with unique property and casualty solutions. Our approach is simple, and that is to bring a more consultative relationship to the equation; not just a broker. We will examine your current policies for gaps in coverage, and advise as to where improvements can be made. We will also take a holistic approach to your insurance program, assisting you with the consolidation of renewal dates and carriers. Our job is to take risk off of your plate, while making your life easier.

Horton’s property and casualty team is pleased to offer you the following coverages:

  • Property and General Liability
  • Business Automobile
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Union Liability and Individual Labor Leaders
  • Student Accident
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Fidelity Bond/Crime
  • Cyber Liability

Health Benefits Consulting

financial consulting

Financial Experience

Where has your fund been and where is it headed? Our team has a full range of experience and budget projection services to collect, analyze and protect your claims information to make the most accurate forecast for your plan’s future. Our services address the following:

  • Historical experience and claims evaluation
  • Multi-year financial projections of plan costs
  • Recurring experience reports
  • COBRA rate calculations
  • Contribution rate calculations and strategies
  • Funding, reserve, and asset level projections
  • Renewal forecasts

Vendor Management

We are one of the Midwest’s largest firms in the health insurance market, which provides you with benchmarking expertise and leveraging power. We have the capabilities to review your existing vendor partnerships, negotiate on your behalf, and solicit competitive bids. We will provide:

  • Renewal analysis and negotiation
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) analyses
  • Market insights and benchmarking
  • Ensure your vendor relationships are awake, listening and constantly bringing solutions to the table

Plan Design

How competitive is your benefit offering? Are you steering participants in the appropriate manner? We offer plan management services with creativity over your benefit design. Our strategy addresses the following elements:

  • Benefit design strategies and financial analysis
  • Risk management techniques
  • Cost containment recommendations
  • Disease management and wellness solutions
  • Benchmarking your plan design
  • Updated compliance standards

The Horton Group Approach

Listening & Following Through

Listening first allows us to successfully identify pain points and understanding what is working and what is not. We will react when appropriate, provide value, and follow through on time when clients request advice – not the other way around.


We understand that clients have many choices in benefits consultants. We differentiate ourselves with our ability to build meaningful, trusting relationships with our clients. Our clients believe in us to help them make informed decisions regarding the health and retirement benefits of their members, families, and retirees.


Our clients have varying needs, and we respond to those needs with services best suited for each fund. Our clients also have budgets – some bigger, some smaller. Fees will never be a reason Horton is not selected.

We get it – you’re not just searching for an insurance broker. You’re looking for a partner. One who cares and promises to always have your back versus just putting a policy in place.

Horton is owned by the people who work inside the business each and every day. This means we know how you want to feel taken care of. We know what it feels like to want someone to ‘go to the mat’ and handle challenges with urgency. We know how it feels when someone does the right thing for you. This is why we invest in relationships, care unconventionally and remain purposefully driven.

Fiduciary Liability

Fidelity Bond

Cyber Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Educators Liability



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Commercial Insurance

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