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Population Health Management

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Driving Data Decisions to Reduce Medical Spend

Your job as a decision maker for your company has gotten tougher. The demand for better health for your employees is growing as is the need to contain costs. Meanwhile, many facets of the healthcare industry are changing rapidly, and many traditional ways of running employee benefits, wellness, safety and workers’ compensation programs are no longer effective.

One way to control costs is to reduce your medical claims by managing chronic conditions. Our Population Health magement services provide a clinical look at your data and offer recommendations tailored to your population. Once we have the data, your assigned Population Health Client Manager will work with you to explore opportunities to reduce risk in both frequency and severity to your medical plan.

With the help of Horton’s wellness professionals, the wellness program has become woven into the Town’s culture.

We are confident our employees see the value in the program as reflected in our above average participation rates. Our annual Biometric Screenings are held onsite and have ranged between 97-99% participation over the past several years. The aggregate data we receive from these screenings is extremely helpful in identifying trends in the health of our employees and allows us to tailor the program to our populations needs year over year. Additionally, employees are eager to earn incentive benefits, such as monthly discounts on their insurance premiums, by participating in the program.

Population Health

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Our services are typically valued at $6,500 per year, but they are free to all of Horton’s Employee Benefit clients with self-funded medical plans.

Risk Management/Culture Wellbeing

Clinical and financial claim analysis by Horton’s Registered Nurses

Development and oversight of vendor partnerships and vendor implementation

Monitoring year-over-year claims, programming and health trends

Quarterly data review and integration with a Horton’s RN

Vendor search/implementation

Ongoing support and resources to support both programming and culture

Assist Horton Benefits team in annual claims review

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At fairlife, we’re on a mission to nourish the world with great tasting, nutrition-rich products, but our products are just part of our purpose.

 At fairlife we believe in better – whether it be our better-for-you products or our commitment to caring for people, animals, and the planet, we put a focus each day on making a positive impact for all.

We felt this mission needed to start with our people. In 2022, we launched nour!sh, our wellness program, that provides wellbeing resources and tools across four key pillars we identified – Physical, Emotional, Social, and Financial wellness. We really wanted to connect the dots for our employees to demonstrate how all the programs and benefits we offer, and continue to add (like a more robust standalone EAP and Parental Support programs), fall under these buckets and make up a holistic wellbeing philosophy.

We began our partnership with WellRight in April of 2022 which offers their university library, health risk assessment, and fun challenges we choose each quarter that fit our theme which rotates throughout the year, focusing on our 4 key pillars, including additional challenges that support our Corporate Social Responsibility focus like volunteering.

As we continue to evolve our nour!sh program, we’re adding more companywide challenges like our Hoofin’ It team steps challenge and biometric screenings to help our employees truly take an active role in their health and wellbeing, as well as engage across functions with other team members they might not have a chance to interact with in their role.

We look forward to growing our nour!sh program and providing a level of support for each employee wherever they are at in their health and wellbeing journey.