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Concrete Contractor Insurance

Running a concrete construction business is complicated enough without having to worry about things like insurance coverages, loss of income, property damage, or medical expenses. Finding the proper Safety Programs and Insurance coverages are a key component for Concrete Contractors across the country.

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Common Exposures for Concrete Business Contractors

  • General Liability: Office exposures, utility damage, displacement or settlement of existing structures; blast damage; unmarked excavations; cutting utility cables, damaging property of the utility company and disrupting service to neighboring residences or businesses; fire; cracked pavement; foundation damage; pipe leaks; hazardous material spills; A significant morale hazard may be indicated by the absence of detailed procedures to determine utility locations and to research prior uses of the land
  • Auto: Distracted Driving; Delivery of equipment, materials, and workers to a job site; incidental vehicle use; vehicle theft and vandalism
  • Property – Crime: Employee dishonesty; burglary, theft, and vandalism of property
  • Property – Inland Marine / Business Interruption: Damage to, or loss of, contractor’s equipment and accounts receivables records; business interruption
  • Workers’ Compensation: Trench hazards of cave-ins, confined space; and falls from ladders placed in trenches; strains from material handling activities; Lifting and back injuries, hernias, sprains, and strains; exposure to hazardous substances

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What Types of Insurance Do Concrete Contractors Need?

  • Inland Marine Insurance
  • Crime Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Premises Liability Insurance
  • Completed operations Insurance
  • Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Who Do We Work With?

  • Union and Non-Union Organizations
  • Large & Small Businesses
  • Woman-owned businesses (WBE)
  • Minority-owned businesses (MBE)
  • Veteran-owned businesses (VBE or VOSB)
  • Businesses owned by economically disadvantaged individuals (DBE)

Horton Helps By Connecting the Dots

As part of our risk management interview process, we look to confirm that your risk management approach supports your overall business objectives and ensure that you have the proper insurance and risk coverage that protects your business.

Discussing the qualitative aspects of your business provides the important details needed to solidify the game plan to your end game – price. Exposures are both qualitative and quantitative. Analyses into both offer the foundation for developing forward-thinking approaches to those exposures.
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